Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Moving along...

I had a busy sewing day yesterday, and managed to finish up Mitch's new pants. This is my extensively altered version of Burda 7841, AKA Mitch's favorite pants. The last pair were made out of a linen blend and I didn't do any fancy details. They were my wearable muslin. Who knew that they would become his absolute favorite pants?? While that makes me very happy, it means I have more sewing to do!! The man needs pants that fit!So, the second pair are a bit fancier, with side slash pockets instead of patch and out of a far dressier material. Mitch came with me fabric shopping and chose it himself. He even picked his own buttons! He wanted the patch pockets on the rear, which I was fine with, since the alternative is welt pockets and while I am capable, they take forever. The only problem is that the pants are just a smidge too big. Mitch lost 10 pounds between this pair and the last! Go Mitch, but that means that I need to alter the pattern again.

I also put together the father and son matching tees. Beth's serger made it a breeze!
Cute, eh? I love raglan tees! No sleeve to set in. They still need hemming, and I spent an hour this morning figuring out how to switch over the serger to do cover stitch. I got it all set up, tension perfect on my test swatch, and Myra woke up. I guess they'll get finished later, but at least the machine is ready! I can definitely see why someone who sews a lot of knits would want a separate cover stitch machine, though. Switching it over is an involved process!


  1. I have a basic serger and can also see why someone would rather have a basic coverstitch as well rather than a combo. BTW, your baby being named Myra, always throws me off when I read the name and not referring to me. Not a very oft-used name.

  2. So happy to hear it's getting good use. Hopefully you can teach me something about it when I get back!