Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Finishing school

Look what I made yesterday!So, before you say "Big deal, Katie, It's just a tee shirt,"
take a peek at those clean finished seams. Why, yes, this tee was made entirely on a serger.
No, I didn't take the plunge and get one. My good friend, Beth let me come over and play with hers. She has a Pfaff 5 thread coverlock. It is lovely. And she's going to let me babysit it for her while she is on vacation this month, so I will get to play some more. I'm really going to want one after this...

She also surprised me with this!
She's going to teach me to knit!! I am so excited! My mom and sister both knit - my sister is quite the knitter and makes amazing things - and I have wanted to learn for some time. I can't wait!!


  1. Wow, good job on that T-Shirt! The fit is great! My BFF got a serger last Christmas and neither one of us has yet to make anything using knits. But we are loving having the nice clean finished seams on our projects!

  2. Jealous,jealous, jealous! I miss my serger...a piece broke and I found out they don't make it anymore. My machine is age-ed!

    I love the fabric and the sleeves. Did you post the pattern or is this all in your head?

  3. Thanks, ladies!

    Amanda - This is my copy of's scoop neck cap sleeve under tee - I just added a one inch band at the sleeve and neckline - mostly b/c I was lazy and didn't want to hem!