Saturday, July 11, 2009

Call it a muslin...

I'm so disappointed in this top. I've been on the hunt for an interesting knit pattern for an alternative to the boring tee. I was hoping this (Butterick 5354) might be it. Alas. It's a tent.It looks not too bad as a flat pattern and even hanging on the line.
And I like the neckline. The pleats are pretty and interesting.
But look, a tent.

And who knew I was pregnant?? (I'm not!!!)

This pattern fails in several other areas as well. The front is faced, which makes sense, since it has all those pleats, but the back neckline is just hemmed and they don't match up well at the shoulders. Fully faced or no facing at all would have been better. Also, the front facing will NOT lie flat. Yes, I graded and understitched. It rolls. I got so frustrated with it after 10 minutes of wearing that I stitched it down along a couple of the front pleats, which helps, but it still rolls on the sides. Grrr. So, if it was just the tent issue, I might try again in a smaller size, but I think the pattern is a fail all around. Good thing it was easy, so I didn't waste much time.

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