Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ottobre 06/2009-36 nightgowns

A couple of weeks ago, Myra was looking over my shoulder as I was browsing on the Nature's Fabrics website. Y'all know where this story is going, don't you...
She saw this fabric - pink interlock with crazy penguins on it - and insisted that she needed a new nightgown, and so did her beloved cousin, Emma.
She was right. The pattern I used is Ottobre 06/2009-36, which is a very basic raglan sleeved nightgown. When I showed it to Myra, she insisted that it needed a ruffle so that it would "touch the ground like a princess". I think it makes her look more like a mermaid.
I had so much trouble gathering this thick interlock for Myra's gown, that I gave Emma's gown pleats instead. I actually like them a little better than the ruffle.
Although the ruffle is pretty cute, too.
I used bright yellow for the neck and sleeve bands, to coordinate with the scarves and capes that the penguins are sporting.
Myra loves her nightgown and wants to wear it every night. And all day too. I think it's a win. I can't wait to see Emma in a few days and give her her gown!


  1. A penguin princess mermaid? What could be better!

  2. You're gonna have to browse fabric stores alone for now on. Unless you want that sewing queue to grow exponentially, LOL Glad she's really happy with the sewing though, makes it worth it.

  3. I recently found Nature's Fabrics when looking for velour. I bought their Juicy Velour and it is so lush! I have a few more fabric choices on my list, too. Love the penguin fabric- Myra has an eye for style!

  4. Cutest mermaid princess ever! I like both the ruffle and the pleats too. =)

    It's dangerous enough looking at fabric by yourself, but oh no! now you have a mini-enabler who shares your wallet! And how could you say no to someone who will be so happy about what you make for her? I love that she thought her cousin needed one as well - so sweet.

  5. Now everyone will want a cute penguin nightgown! I know I do ;)

  6. So cute! makes me wish for a little girl again.... :)

  7. Hehe, what fun. The ruffle makes me think mermaid too...

  8. I agree with the people on Instagram (Or Facebook?), it's very Cindy Loo Who. Adorable!