Monday, April 1, 2013

Monthly Roundup: March 2013

March was an interesting month. My sewing mojo totally tanked early in the month, and I spent a lot of time fighting a pant muslin. So, I really felt like I wasn't very productive, but the numbers tell a different story...

I sewed;
1) New Look 6000 dress for me
2) Kitschy Coo Skater Dress mermaid costume for Myra
3) Butterick 4910 nightgown for Myra
4) Ottobre 03/2004-20 pants for Logan
5) Jalie 2908 jeans for me
6) Ottobre 03/2007-20 pants for Logan
7) Sewaholic Renfrew v-neck tee for me
8) Ottobre 02/2007-1 tank for me
9) Burda 7248 skirt for me
10) Burda magazine 04/2009-112 top for me (now blogged)
11) Ottobre 03/2004-20 pants for Logan

I sewed 11 items (and 2 muslins) with a total yardage of 27 yards! Yay! 5 of the projects used stash fabrics and I used a Burda magazine pattern and Ottobre Woman, so I'm pleased there. My goal for fabric purchases from last month was 12 yards, and I added 28 yards to the stash. Oops. I think April needs to be a total fabric fast, just to get back on track. I can do this.
My big focus for March was pants fitting. I'm not going to pretend I aced this one, but I did learn a few things. The biggest thing was to start with a pattern that works well for me. After multiple muslins and countless alterations, the Vogue pattern I started with was still just OK, but with only a few typical alterations and no muslin at all, the Jalie jeans pattern was a winner. I need to really explore that a bit more. Perhaps I'll take y'all along for the ride, shall we?
I'm pretty excited about the April Challis Month that Lady Katza is hosting on her blog. If you don't follow her (well, you should!!), then you should head over there now and check out all the other fun things she's been sharing about fiber and fabric, as it related to challis, rayon in particular.
I've hunted through my stash for challis and patterns appropriate to it. I have these five pieces, although I probably won't get them all sewn up in April. I really think the drape of challis is well suited to the styles of the 40s, so my pattern choices are vintage 40s heavy. What do you think?
The final "big" project that I want to tackle this month is pants for my honey. He's been very long suffering about this, but he really does need pants, and RTW really doesn't work well for him. We're starting out with this Burda magazine pattern from 10/2005. It has a faced waist and doubled darts in back, which I think will work well with his shape.

Also in April, we'll be getting ready behind the scenes for a super-fun swimwear sewalong. I'm teaming up with Leila of Three Dresses Project and we have some amazing things planned for you, so stay tuned!!


ladykatza said...

I envy your productivity! But then again, I was swamped with doctor appointments and schedules this month. And I can't wait to see what you make with challis. yum!

Diana said...

Wow! Love those jeans especially the pockets. Was the design on the pockets included in the pattern or is it your own?

Gillian said...

That's a very productive month! Good for you! I'm looking forward to the challis and swimsuit challenges this spring!

Anonymous said...

I am impressed with your productivity! I also having sewing for the hubby on my list--first up a casual button down shirt. The challis sew-along sounds fun since I have several nice pieces in my stash. Thanks for mentioning it; I will have to check it out.

Pam said...

I think you've had a good month - especially since your projects (a few of them) were a bit more complex!

Jan said...

Wow you have been busy. I am admire your productivity. Can't wait to see what you do this month!

KID, MD said...

You definitely had a killer month! A break was much deserved.

KID, MD said...

Thank you!! The pockets are my favorite feature! I designed them myself. :)

KID, MD said...

Thanks! Me, too! Can't wait to see what you make!

KID, MD said...

Thanks! I do hope you join in the SAL! I'd love to see what you make! The Lonsdale you just finished is a stunner!

KID, MD said...

Thanks! I feel pretty good about it too!

KID, MD said...

Thank you!!

Jillybejoyful said...

Thumbs WAY up on the productivity, the great-fitting jeans, and those POCKETS! Love love love those pockets!