Monday, December 23, 2013

Penny Pini, tunic time

I know, I've made a few of these...
You will too, when you get your hands on this pattern. The dress is fabulous, and the tunic length is getting near daily wear around here.
This is, of course, the Penny Pinafore from Kitschy Coo. This will be make #6, and there are more coming.
The fabric this time is single jersey. The floral print is cotton and the solid navy seems to be a rayon/cotton blend. Maybe a bit of lycra. It was given to me. Both fabrics are fairly lightweight and drapey. Despite being so different from the versions I made in Ponte knit, these fabrics still work very well with the design.
I love how curvy these panels make me look!
I'm dressed for the snow in my Penny Pini, paired with these jeans, as well as hand knit fingerless gloves and a hand knit lace cowl (which was designed and knit by my sister).
I think I'll be off to sew another. You got this pattern, right?


  1. Katie! I love this! Wow! I also love your knitted fingerless mitts:) The top looks fantastic on you -- and again, I just love your production! Fantastic!

  2. You talked me into it. This looks great on you

  3. The moment I saw this one I thought "Woah, great shaping!" It really hugs your body well. I think this is my fav of yours :) Great job!

  4. Looking good Katie. Since I have the PP pattern already you're making me want some fingerless mitts. :)