Monday, October 1, 2012

Monthly Roundup: September 2012

Well, by the numbers alone, September wasn't exactly a stellar sewing month for me.

I made:
1) Gertie's NBBS Portrait Blouse for me
2) Burdastyle 05/2011-142 pants x2 for Logan
3) New Look 6807 top for me
4) Vogue 8601 jacket for me
5) Vogue 1059 pants for me
6) Tropical Punch hat for Myra

That was a total of 6 sewn garments and one knitted. It's nice to finally get my knitting mojo back. Apparently I am a seasonal knitter. I am very pleased with the garments I did manage to sew, and now that we have settled in to out school schedule, perhaps I'll be able to have a better month in October.

For my Mini Wardrobe SAL, I have made the jacket, muslined the jeans, and am currently working on the muslin for the peplum top so good progress is being made, but now that it is October, it's time to take a little detour to sew up some Halloween costumes.
All of my kids are sort of obsessed with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse at the moment. We don't even have cable, but every time we go to the library they pick out a Mickey Mouse video or two. Logan has asked to be Donald Duck, so Myra wants to be Daisy Duck (nevermind that I just made her a Minnie Mouse dress...sigh), and Duncan gets to be Mickey.


  1. Hot dog hot dog hot doggidey dooooog! We're big into it right now, too. Has Myra discovered the episode (or more?) about Minnie's Bow-tique? She would be a huge fan I suspect.

  2. I know some months your output is so much greater but you did make that AMAZING Vogue jacket this month. And for all the time and effort you put into it - that's like 3 additional garments to me! :)

  3. Katie,

    Your bad month is my glorious month:) You may have only made (for you) a few garments - but they are fantastic!

  4. Mojo comes and goes. And if you're not enjoying the sewing, then it just becomes another chore - never a good thing. The halloween costumes ought to be fun.