Saturday, September 29, 2012

FO: Tropical Punch Hat

There is starting to be a nip in the air around here, so it must be time for knitting! I'm a total seasonal knitter. For some reason, I can't convince myself to pick up my needles (or hooks) at all during the summer months, but once fall rolls around I start looking for some wool.
Myra needed a new hat, and I had this crazy pink/purple/orange variegated wool left over from last year's mittens. She loves this yarn, and she was so excited to see me knitting it for her!
After I finished knitting it, she wasn't too impressed, as it is a little plain, if colorful. So I taught her how to make a pom pom for the top. I sewed it on, but she made it. She was so proud of her handiwork!
Don't you like my hat??
Ravelry notes are here, if you crave the details.

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  1. If the little girl wants a fancier hat, you could make some knitted/crocheted flowers. Nice knitting.