Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Look 6807

Have you seen Sunni's recent post about her Everyday Wardrobe game plan? She's starting with a NWG (Never Worn Garment) and making a few things to make it a wardrobe player. I think this is a great concept and I actually have my own NWG that has needed a top for some time. It is this skirt, and while I know it is a little wild, it is really comfortable and I love it for summer. I even had a length of rayon jersey that I bought with this skirt in mind.
So I whipped out New Look 6807 and made a basic raglan sleeved peasant style top.
I've made this pattern before here, but this time I made a few minor modifications. This first top pulls up a little over the bust with wear, so I gave myself just a smidge more room in the bust by just adding to the side seam of the front and easing it in to the back.
In the last version, I put a circular cutout in the back, which had a center back seam. For this one, I wanted a very basic garment, so I omitted the keyhole and cut the back on the fold. The original gathering was in two pieces on either side of the back seam, so I consolidated the gathers at center back.
As with the last version, I bound the neckline with my coverstitch machine and elasticated the sleeves. I gathered the front and back with clear elastic prior to attaching the binding. The neckline on the last version is  fine, but I preferred a higher one for this, so I just gathered the front and back a bit more. It wasn't much, but it makes this top a little less fussy to wear.
I think it works with my skirt, but will also be great with jeans. I think it will dress up well with a nicer skirt and a belt or blazer. Now I just need to consider accessories. I think I need some new shoes...


  1. That's a bright and cheerful outfit! And of course you need more shoes; everyone needs more shoes.

  2. It does look super-cute and will be a great asset in your wardrobe.

  3. Thanks for this post,after reading Sunni's post it has cemented some thoughts that I have recently been having about my sewing.I make those garments for going out but at home wear terribly old clothes. Now seen as I am a home schooling mum and an at home business operator I spend 90% of my time at home and yet never sew things for that part of my life. I too have a wardrobe full of clothes and struggle every morning.
    I love you top and it looks so flattering so I looked it up and have it unsewn in my stash-yay for me. Thanks for bringing it to my attention and your whole outfit looks gorgeous.

  4. Nice save! I really need to do that for some sad little orphan garments. I love that you chose another bright to go with the skirt instead of a neutral--so much bolder and more cheerful!

  5. That's a pretty outfit. Your top is such a pretty color, and perfect into fall.

  6. Yes! it's always a good time to buy shoes. I don't have any NWG's - but I will buy shoes that match nothing- with the idea that I will make an outfit to go with! The only shoe that was hard to match was this pale green that had a tiny bit of blue in it. Have you ever seen someone at the store trying to matching fabric to one shoe?

  7. That is just the prettiest cobalt blue basic! Lovely!