Friday, June 8, 2012

Burda Magazine 10/2010-118A

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments on my Qiana maxi dress! It is definitely a new favorite and I know I'm going to wear it a lot.

I've been browsing through my patterns lately, with an eye toward one that would make the perfect gingham blouse. This one totally wasn't even on my radar, until I saw ManiMayor's  review on PR. Her version was so lovely, I knew I needed one of my own.
The pattern is from the 10/2010 issue of Burdastyle magazine. It has three different views in the magazine, each view with a different tie. It is a very basic blouse with little in the way of shaping, set in sleeves, and a bias bound, gathered neckline with a slit. The fabric I used is a stretch cotton from FabricMart. It reads as a gingham at a glance, but is actually an even plaid.
When I first put it on Sandra Dee, I thought I had a total wadder on my hands. It was seriously frumpy and sacklike. Fortunately, I had a belt lying around and popped it on. With some waist definition, I think it is pretty darn cute.
The only changes I made to the pattern were to the neckline. Several of the reviewers on PR mentioned that the slit was quite low, so I didn't even bother transferring the marking per the pattern. I just marked the slit where I wanted it while I was tissue fitting. Burda has you put the button on the inside, but I found a cute one that matched, so I sewed it on the outside instead.
For the tie, Burda's instructions called for the neckline to be finished with the bias strip, then for the tie to be topstitched on between the two shoulder seams. I didn't think this gave it a very nice finish, so I sandwiched the tie in between the neckline of the top and the bias strip and stitched them together to enclose the tie with the neckline. It looks very nice both inside and out.
The other major change I made was to make the tie significantly smaller. I cut the width in half and shortened the tie so that when tied in a bow, the ends fell at my waist. The original tie is really huge, and since my fabric already had a lot of body, it was really overwhelming. I think it would have worked in a softer, more draping fabric though.
It passes the sleeping baby test of comfort.
I had fun taking some pictures with different bottoms. I don't generally wear my tops tucked in, but this one has a good shape for it. The bottoms I paired it with are; McCalls 5592 white jeans, New Look 6816 silk pants, McCalls 3830 pencil skirt and black knit column skirt (pulled up to midi length). I'm kinda partial to the short black pencil skirt look myself. What do you think?


  1. Great looking blouse and precious picture with your baby. I like it with the white jeans and the pencil skirt.

  2. Beautiful job matching the checks on sleeve @ armsceye!!! Seriously -- Mlle would be proud!

    I love the bias binding inside. No one else may see it - but, every time you put that shirt on, you will be reminded of the care you took in constructing it, and that will give you well-deserved pleasure.

    Alas, ditch the bow. Really. 1980's yuck.
    Cover the plain, little (but pretty) button with a vintage cameo, or sparkly broach; but the bow is awful, and it obscures the otherwise pretty neckline.

    Great colour for you!

  3. You make me feel a little frumpy sitting here in my oversize t-shirt and sweats!lol (I'm teasing, that isn't my "uniform" I just haven't gotten ready yet this morning.) It's a great top. I especially like how you showed it's versatility by pairing it with 4 different bottoms. I'm partial to how it looks tucked in so the white pants and shorter black skirt are my faves!

  4. I absolutely love this shirt - I remember it - I hope I bought that Burda portion or I may be buying it separately. . .Great job again Katie!!

  5. Great job. I wouldn't have thought the neck tie would be a good look, but it really works on this blouse. I think I like the untucked/belted looks best, but that may be just because for me it is so much easier to straighten out a blouse under a belt than to try to tuck one back in after picking up a wiggling child.

  6. Not only does this top look marvelous on you, but it is so versatile in your wardrobe. Lovely!

  7. Great top and a goodcolor on you. I like it with all of the bottoms. You should make another in a solid bright color :)

  8. Gingham seems to be thé thing at the moment. I love it and your version totally rocks! I need to make one myself now I've seen this. So inspiring.

  9. The sleeping baby test is the most important one of all...and the most fleeting *sigh*. It's a pretty top!

  10. love it in the pink gingham
    it looks great, Kate...I like it with white.

  11. That's a very pretty blouse and not at all frumpy. It's fresh and feminine, and looks terrific with all your bottoms.

  12. Cute blouse. Love it on you.