Tuesday, October 26, 2010

burda style 09/2010-121 and self-drafted skirt

I made an entire outfit in one day!!  I love instant gratification sewing!
Doesn't it look fancy?  The top is burda style (BWOF, whatevs) 09/2010-121.  I think everyone in blogland has sewn this turtleneck, and I can totally see why!  (Here's Dawn's, Cidell's, Karen's - I know I'm missing a couple!)  It went together so easily, which isn't a total surprise since it is only 3 pattern pieces.
The turtleneck is cut on in one piece with the body, so there is no seam at the neckline.  Very nice!  It has a self-facing that you stitch together at the side seams, which makes the attachment invisible.  Burda's instructions even actually made sense for this one.  The only changes I made were to remove the ease from the sleeve cap, and to sew the sleeve in flat.  I also added an inch to the length to cover the baby bump.
Here is the back - so sleek!  The fabric is a Chico's slinky from Buttons and Bolts.  I really love wearing slinky, but it sure is a pain to sew.  I used the Sandra Betzina hemming method that she publishes with her Today's Fit knit patterns - fusing the hem with steam a seam before twin needle stitching.  It did help stabilize that slippery, stretchy slinky and made my experience much better.  I also have recently started using wooly nylon thread in the bobbin when I twin needle.  It makes a HUGE difference in how stretchy my hems are!  I have had problems in the past with my twin needle hems popping, and they just dissolve away.  The wooly nylon really helps them stretch a ton, which the slinky requires.
The skirt is "self-drafted", which I put in quotes because it is really just two squares.  The waistband is a yoga style fold-over waistband.  No elastic so it is comfortable to wear, even as I get bigger by the minute.  I used a poly knit for the waistband as well as lining.  The slinky was a bit sheer.
The only thing that saves it from being a giant tube is a knee high slit at center back.  As an outfit it is a bit blah, although it should be fun to accessorize.  I'm looking forward to the mix and match potential...

But does it fit at 30 weeks of pregnancy??
Why yes, yes it does!  So, how would you accessorize this very blank palette?


  1. That's really fabulous. Great job!

  2. Very chic! You could do whatever you want with it! I think a long, bauble-y necklace would be so cute!

  3. Lovely Katie! A beautiful silk scarf and brooch and you're set!

  4. Something creepy for Halloween.

    Great tip on the Wooly nylon. I keep forgetting to get it when it's on sale . . ..

    Will you use this turtleneck pattern to replace your favorite?

  5. They're both very elegant! I'm intrigued by this three piece turtleneck...

  6. I think I'm going to break down and make that turtleneck for layering. Love the idea of a huge necklace with the outfit!

  7. Can black be slimming even at 30 weeks? It is!

    You need to stop making comfy and stylish baby bump clothes so I'm not tempted anymore. I've moved beyond that statge!

  8. Wow, you have such an amazing sense of style. You make 30 weeks of pregnancy look sleek and elegant!

  9. You are totally inspiring! What a fantastic dress - and I love that it is very quick to make - Yeah!!

  10. Can it be 30 weeks already? Gosh that's gone fast - almost as fast as your ability to whip up a new outfit! Me I'd put it red - bag or necklace.

  11. That is an elegant outfit. I would wear tons of big, bulky necklaces with it and fill one wrist with bracelets.

  12. I would think about a big fat belt.

    Like this one (the red leather at the bottom of the page)

    or this one:

    Both of these assume that the baby bump has been delivered, of course.

  13. So, how would you accessorize this very blank palette?

    Easy - a large and (this is important) expensive necklace


  14. You look so great in head to toe black!

  15. So sleek and chic! I'd pile on a big 'ol funky necklace or brightly colored scarf and a bracelet and call it a day. :)