Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ottobre 04/2010-2 & 06/2008-2

Now that I have given this little outfit to the recipient, I can show it to you.
I'm ridiculously please with how well this turned out, if the truth be known. The top is from the 04/2010 issue of Ottobre. I chose it for several factors - front closure, sleeves and easy fit, but I wasn't sure if I really LOVED the style, although I did like it pretty well. Now that it is done, I really do love it. I have never had a single item of clothing that went together quite this perfectly, which is a relief since I really don't like gifting items that aren't perfect.
The front button bands - oh, I just want to sing about them. I don't know about you, but when I attach bands (or collars, waistbands, cuffs, etc) like this, the top and bottom aren't generally perfectly balanced. I try to get the right side to look great, but sometimes the stitching slips off the band on the wrong side, or the stitching isn't quite right on the edge. These bands are perfect. Can you see the stitching in the photo. Seriously, I'd never have believed I sewed these myself.
And then, lightening struck twice, and the binding is just as even. I'm not sure if this should be my new go to baby girl dress or if I should retire it now for fear I will never again achieve this level of perfection.
The little pants are a basic leggings pattern (from 06/2008, but Ottobre has published several, I just happened to have this one traced already). I sewed them up in denim colored knit from Joann and topstitched the waist in denim gold topstitching thread to give them a bit of a "jeggings" look. The fabric had this cute ruffled selvedge, so I just used that as my hem. It is really soft and I thought it would be more comfortable for baby, not to mention cute.
I hope Mommy and baby like the new outfit!


Beth said...

It is super cute.
Love the buttons, too.

Lori said...

Darling outfit, I can see why you were so pleased with the results. I am sure mommy and baby will be thrilled.

Elizabeth Made This said...

The front bands and the binding look fantastic! It's so gratifying when those little details come together. Your little friend is going to be a styling precious girl!

Vanessa said...

This outfit is all kinds of adorable!! I love it when everything comes together without a hitch.

Kyle said...

Wow, that is perfection! Congrats!!

Yvette Friendship said...

Such a cute little outfit. Great job.