Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Monthly Roundup: April 2012 and KCWC

April was kind of a random month, but I did get a lot done.

I sewed:
1) Simplicity 2614 blouse for me
2) New Look 6587 dress for me
3) My Image Winter 2010/11 M1003 cardigan for me
4) Simple Apron for charity
5) Kickin' Back Sweats for Logan
6) Gertie's Modern Crinoline for me
7) McQueen knockoff skirt for me
8) Burda 7189 dress for me
9) Ottobre 03/2008-29 tee for Logan
10) Ottobre 03/2011-6 tee for Duncan
11) Ottobre 03/2006-12 shorts for Duncan
12) Ottobre 03/2009-23 shorts for Logan
13) Simplicity 2377 dress for Myra

That is a total of 13 items, 17 1/8 yards, with 10 5/8 yards from stash. I may have done a bit of shopping this month. Some of it was wedding dress related, so it will get sewn soon. The ugly total - 39 1/2 yards. Ouch! The next couple of months will need to be wedding dress only shopping.

I did a lot of goal related sewing this month as well. I finally sewed my LBD!! Thank you, Lori and Lynne for the motivation with the Wardrobe Basics SAL! I really think that some of my best and most versatile garments sewn to date have come from the SAL sewing. In fact, I am wearing two of the pieces as I type. I also sewed one of my SISC garments - Simplicity 2614. I have 6 more projects on my SISC list, so I'm going to get cracking on the spring/summer ones. I think Vogue 1050 is next up.

I also finally participated in the KCWC at elsie marley. I've been wanting to do this for the last few years, and this time I just decided to do it, despite a ton of other things going on, both in and out of the sewing room. My sweet hubby was unbelievably supportive. He always is, but this was above and beyond. I didn't even tell him about the challenge. He read about it here on the blog, and all week kept sending me off to the sewing room to sew. I would have never managed the hour per day without his help, but I ended up sewing 10 hours and 35 minutes over the course of the week. Thank you, honey!! I finished up the projects that I originally planned, which was one outfit per child, two knit tees, two pair of twill cargo shorts and a plisse dress. It was really fun to sew along. There were some truly spectacular projects sewn. Be sure to check out the Flickr group.

For May, I definitely have Spring fever! I'm planning some more warm weather gear for the kids, particularly Duncan, as the poor boy has no summer clothes. I've also been seriously crushing on the brightly colored maxi skirts I've been seeing on Pinterest and around blogland.
I'm thinking I need a pink one. Lace and stripes are haunting my brain as well.
I particularly like the stripes with a contrast yoke. Maybe not neon yellow, but I like the idea.
And I definitely need some gingham in my life. Like, now. I really like the scale of this one. Not huge but not teeny. Erg. Maybe I need some fabric after all...

And of course, my big project over the next couple of months will be a fabulous wedding dress! I'll keep you posted as that evolves. I'm still collecting fabrics and notions at this point. Anyone have a favorite place for bridal notions?


  1. Great job on all the sewing in April. I like your May projects. I would like to make anoter gingham shirt with larger gingham.

  2. I really want that maxi skirt too. It seems like it would pretty easy to make right?

    1. It doesn't look hard, but I think this one may be pleated into the waistline, which would make it more flattering than bulky gathers, but that much more tedious to make... And would require a zipper.

  3. I love the striped top, too. I am a big fan of gingham. Everywhere.

  4. Wedding dress? What did I miss?

  5. The fabulous wedding dress will of course be the top thing on your mind. No maxi skirt for me; I don't need my dearly beloved telling me I look like a fire hydrant. This one does look pleated.