Sunday, April 29, 2012

Simplicity 2377

Myra isn't desperate for clothing, but I didn't want to leave her out of KCWC, so I made her a quick peasant dress with my favorite pattern of this style, Simplicity 2377.
The fabrics are "Tutti Frutti" plisse from Joann. They are a cotton poly blend, and I am really a fan of them for children's clothing. The cotton allows them to be cool and comfortable, but there is just enough poly to make the garment wrinkle resistant and hard wearing.
I had a really hard time capturing the color accurately today. The sun washed the color out in the modeled shots, but they aren't quite as dark as the hanger shots. Myra chose the fabrics, herself - sort of. There was a sample dress at the store and she went crazy. She actually brought me the bolts of fabric and insisted that she had to have that dress.
I added a little polka dot ribbon to the bodice. I am pleased with the layout, since I managed to center the floral butterfly nicely at center front, and could frame it with the ribbons. I also deviated from the pattern for the sleeve finish. The pattern calls for cased elastic at the sleeve hem, but I like a little ruffle, so I hemmed the sleeve and used two rows of elastic shirring to gather the sleeve 3/4 inch above the hem.
I also lengthened the dress a total of three inches. I added 1 1/2 inches to each tier to balance the addition and keep the proportions even. Myra likes her dresses long and twirly and I like that it'll take a while to outgrow it.

This is the last garment I had planned for the Kid's Clothes Week Challenge, but I still have a day to go! I'm thinking I'll start on another pair of shorts for Duncan and see how far I get.


  1. Cute! I love that pattern also and made it 4 times last summer :)

  2. How awesome is that, that your daughter can bring you fabric and know that you can make her something she loves. Sewing is such a beautiful talent.

  3. So cute, love the fabric combinations.

  4. I agree that fabric is perfect for kid's clothes. The dress is sweet!

  5. I love the sleeve & ribbon details.

  6. cute katie! I have made 10 of these dresses in the last month :0. Play dresses then some matching for cousins. Love this pattern.