Saturday, May 8, 2010

MMM, Day 7

Today was just a hanging around the house day, so I wore one of my favorite comfy outfits.  The top is from the pre-blog days, and is a copy of one of my favorite RTW tees, made of a yummy soft cotton/lycra jersey.  It was a lone bolt at Hancock over a year ago.  I wish I could find some more of this stuff!!  It is the perfect weight and stretch for tee shirts.  The pants are based loosely on Butterick 3460.
It's been sweltering these last few days, so we started the morning in the water.  I haven't made the kids swimsuits, per se, but we found some things that are working just fine.
Logan helped fill the pool in New Look 6641 that I jazzed up with a freezer paper stencil paint job.  The jam on his face is homemade too, but made by my sister.
Myra is wearing an outfit that was originally designed as a dress and bloomers, but I think works great as a swim outfit.  I think I'll make a set in actual swim fabric for her.  It's so cute!


  1. Cute! I'm totally putting that pants pattern on my list.

  2. Now if Mitch made the pool you're totally self-sufficient! Love the "swimsuits!"

  3. Looks like a relaxing day for everyone around the pool. :) Your little ones are too cute!

  4. Hi Katie, hope you are enjoying MMM! Your comment about orphans tugged at my heart strings and I have subsequently chosen you to be the new owner of the beige fabric! Please email me your address ( so I can get it in the post to you. All the best
    Zoe x

  5. Myra's outfit is so adorable!!