Thursday, October 8, 2009

Butterick 4461

On Tuesday at sewing group I finished my skirt. I chose this pattern because it was simple and quick, which I knew I would need since my main focus at sewing group is to teach rather than to sew. Since I used it to demonstrate pattern lay out, I needed something with an on fold as well as an on grain pattern piece. This one fit the bill nicely. It is a basic A-line skirt with a faced waist and zipper, paired darts on front and back. The pattern also has several trim options, but I thought my fabric was busy enough to speak for itself. I will admit that since I was looking for this to be a quickie, I didn't put any extra effort into finishing it beautifully, so you won't be getting an inside glimpse on this one...
The zip is a simple centered zipper at CB, which I used to teach my group how to install a centered zipper. It did go in nicely.

The only trouble that I had with this skirt was my own fault. I don't really like front darts, since I think they just accentuate the roundness of my tummy (and who needs that!), so I had planned to ease the front into the facing, but ended up with a big tuck, right at CF, which I naturally didn't notice until I had understitched and trimmed the facing. Grr!! I had to rip it all out, put in the darts and resew the waistline. In the end it turned out OK. I moved the darts over to the side and lengthened them in the hopes of minimizing the tummy roundness.

My next sewing group project will be a sweater to match, so I'll model the ensemble for you when it's all done.

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Kathi said...

Looks cute!! I like darts if they are in the right places in the front. They have to be just right, though!!