Saturday, August 27, 2011


On the blog that is. I try to avoid any of that IRL. How would I get any sewing done? And all appearances to the contrary, I have not lost my sewing machine. Life has been a little crazy this last week, with a sick wee one, an overworked hubby and too much to do, so sewing has been a bit on the back burner. I have had a few comments regarding slowness here on the blog and difficulty getting things to load. I thought I'd make a few minor changes before attempting a more major overhaul. I simplified the format a little, got rid of a few widgets and have made my pictures smaller. If you would please, let me know how it's looking and loading for you, particularly as compared to past performance. I'd really appreciate it!!

And should you wonder what I am currently stitching up, here it is!
For his birthday, I gave Mitch a pant muslin. Sexy, huh? We tweaked the fit this weekend, and I let him choose his fabric from a selection of appropriate suitings and bottom weights. I've gotten the pattern altered (completely had to redraft the waistband for his tilted waist!), and the fabric cut. I'm doing some serge finishing and marking, so I may actually start sewing some time.
We're also starting to gear up for Halloween.
Myra was over the moon when I showed her Simplicity's new Rapunzel costume pattern. We're still collecting trims, and I want to make a "wearable muslin" before we cut up all the satin. The last Disney costume I made for her (which she has worn completely out) had quite a few weird fit issues, and I want this one to actually be wearable.
So, let me know if the blog changes seem to help for you, and hopefully I'll have a few fun things to show you soon. Once the wee one starts sleeping again so I can sew...


Beangirl said...

your page loaded faster for me this morning, so I guess it's a good change. I like the streamlined format too.

ooooo, pants muslin. you wild woman, you. that totally beats the book on Billy the Kid that I got the Husband.

I'm a wildwoman too, as you can see.

word verification: "canglo" if that's not a cleaning product from the 60's, I don't know what is.

Pam said...

I can't wait to see the final result - it sounds like you've put in a ton of work - and getting fittings from a husband isn't easy:)

I do love Halloween costumes!

Andrea said...


Seeing the costume for Myra makes me nostalgic for those days when my girl was little and I made her costumes.

Sorry to hear one of your little ones is sick. :(

I'm interested in your tilted waist alteration on you hubby's pants. Is it a standard alteration or did you just wing it (as I often do...)?

Mary Nanna said...

I had no trouble uploading this at all - and sometimes it takes a good while so the streamlining must have worked!

You sure are generous with your sewing projects.

Kyle said...

That costume is going to be super cute!!!
Hope your little one gets well soon!!!
I don't recall having problems loading your blog before, but it was super fast to load today. :)

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Blog worked great, and aren't you the best wife in the world to make pants for your husband! I shudder at the thought...

Joy said...

Costumes are (almost) next on my plate, too.

I narrow my kids' fabric choices down to a few appropriate fabrics, so I was amused when you said you did it for your husband. However, it's very sensible! It's no good being overwhelmed by stash fabrics!

Beth said...

That is going to be a darling costume.