Monday, January 11, 2016

Ottobre 06/2015-31 nightgown

The most exciting new feature (among many exciting features!!) of my new machine is that she embroiders. I've been wishing for an embroidery machine for years, and I am so excited to finally have one. It's going to be so fun to encorporate embroidery into my sewing. I decided to start small.
Well, child sized anyway. Myra needed a new nightgown anyway, so I decided to add a teeny bit of embellishment. Can you see the butterfly resting on a rainbow?
Here is a better view. I chose a more open, sketch-like design in hopes that it would play nice with the knit. I probably should have gone with a more stable fabric for my first project, but knits are what I sew. I want to be comfortable embroidering them. I'm still working on that...
The pattern is from the most recent issue of Ottobre, 06/2015, design #31. I sewed Myra a straight size 122 and it is a perfect fit. I am trying to wrap my brain around the fact that she is a size 122. When did that happen??? It's a very simple style - back and front are the same except for the neckline and the sleeves are short, gathered and puffed. I did all the binding with the coverstitch binder, so this was a super quick project.
The fabric is a very soft printed jersey by Hilco. I got it from the Kitschy Coo shop. The binding is an interlock I had in the stash, I suspect it is Chez Ami. It's a perfect match for the hot pink elements in the print.
To be honest, I was a little loath to use this fabric for a nightgown. It's a bit pricey (although worth it for the quality), so I lean toward using it in garments that will be seen, but it's so soft and snuggly it really is perfect for nightwear too.
Sleepy girl is sleepy and comfy in her new nightgown.


  1. i got that issue of ottobre too (my first one!) and N has her eye on a nightgown like that. i had better not show her that fabric though - she would love it!

  2. I love Ottobre, and LOVE the nightgown you made for your daughter! It is sweet and simple--a great first project to embroider on!

  3. In a way, it's probably good that you used the pricey fabric for pjs. It might not get seen by the general public as much, but it will get worn so much more!

  4. Yay!! It's a great issue. I love the Pjs for the whole family. Such a fun feature!

  5. Thank you! I don't know how I sewed for my kids before I discovered Otto. Such a great magazine!

  6. True! I didn't think of it that way. She's already worn it twice since it came off the machine.

  7. Aww, Myra is so adorable in her rainbow and butterfly gown! That little butterfly makes such a special "Mom" touch that she will always remember. Great job.