Monday, September 1, 2014

Monthly Roundup: August 2014

August was an odd month. I had spurts of motivation and then crashes of lost mojo. My sewing was pretty random. Between a bit of testing, Pattern Parcel sewing and some refashions it felt very unfocused. I did still manage to get some things done.

I sewed;
1) Simplicity 4702 skirt for Barbie
2) Cole's Creations Spirit Jacket for Myra
3) Simplicity 5861 pleated skirt for Skipper
4) Lovely Lolita Blythe dress for J-dolls
5) Simplicity 5861 knit pants x3 for Skipper and the J-dolls
6) Burda 08/2010-108 pants for me
7) Blank Slate Zippy Jacket for Logan
8) Ottobre 04/2013-12 tee for Myra
9) Simplicity 4702 tee for Barbie
10) Capital Chic Bellini for me
11) Dolly Bureau PJs (x4) for J-dolls

Quite a few of those haven't made it to the blog yet. Mostly the dolls clothes, as I'm sewing in themes and wardrobes, so I want to finish collections before I photograph them. It does add up to a total of 20 items, but only 7.25 yards. So much was kid clothes and doll clothes. They just don't use up the yardage. Still, I only bought 7.5 yards, so that's pretty neutral. My yearly totals are 116.75 yards sewn and 71.375 yards purchased.
Here's my collage, including a few doll clothes I haven't blogged. I''m kind of bummed out that I still haven't made the Oonaballoona inspired outfit that has been rattling around in my brain! I think I'm psyching myself out and making it into a bigger thing than it is. I should just sew it and have it done.


  1. Well it's more than I got sewn this month. :) We all need some down time..

  2. Another great month!

  3. Feast your eyes: