Saturday, August 30, 2014

Capitol Chic Bellini, take 2

I wear my first Capital Chic Bellini so often that I just had to make another.
This time, I went with basic white. A girl can never have too many simple white blouses. This fabric is a tencel shirting with a nice drape that complements the unstructured style of Bellini. Since I was going for a super wearable basic, I used the cutaway collar this time, and a very understated white button.
The only minor complaint I have with my first Bellini (which I made with no alterations to the pattern) is that there is a teeny bit of pulling at the bust. Not even enough to make the buttons gape, but it does create an unsighly fold at the bustline.
I did a small FBA, adding a horizontal bust dart, and now that little pull is gone.
The back didn't require any alteration at all. Despite the lack of shaping back there, I think the silhouette is nice.
I took a few pictures of the process, so an FBA tutorial for the Bellini is in the cards. Stay tuned for that!


  1. I want all her patterns.

  2. Love this pattern, I'm cutting my second and I agree about the front bust dart, what I great idea!

  3. You wear it well :)

  4. This is nice! You are right about never having too many basic white shirts. This will be a great staple.

  5. Good thinking Katie, you always can do with a nice white shirt. I think the tweaks to fit are great, flattering with just the right amount of ease.

  6. What a fantastic, versatile blouse! I think you will be able to wear this pretty much anywhere - hope you get lots of use out of it!