Friday, August 1, 2014

Monthly Roundup: July 2014

Well, July was definitely not my most productive month. Since I spent several weeks unpacking and settling in before I could get my machines humming, that's not too surprising.

I made:
1) Advance 9938 dress for Barbie
2) McCalls 658 dress for Barbie
3) Ottobre 03/2011-30 swimsuit for Myra
4) Goodnight Sweetheart PJs for Duncan
5) Katy Panda Dress for Myra
6) Ottobre 04/2014-21 undershorts for Myra
7) Ottobre 04/2014-16 tee shirt for Duncan
8) Goodnight Sweetheart PJ pants for Duncan

That is a total of 9 items, and 6.75 yards sewn. My fabric buying moratorium is at an end, but I'm trying not to go crazy! I did add 17.75 yards of fabric to the stash, but that still puts my yearly total at 109.5 yards sewn and only 63.75 yards purchased.
As you can see from the collage, Myra and Duncan were the winners this month! I really wanted to sew for Oonapalooza, but I just ran out of time. I have a super fun look in mind though, and Marcy's birthday is actually in August, so I'm still going to make my Oonapalooza pieces happen. It totally counts for the August Tribute month!

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  1. Not a comment on this post but a thank you for sewing up the Kitschy Coo Comino top. It gave me the idea to make a dress. What a super pattern. I would not have tried it, if I hadn't seen you in it.