Thursday, June 26, 2014

Capital Chic? Yes, please!!

You guys. I have had the hardest time keeping this under wraps. I am so freaking excited about it!!
May I present Capital Chic Patterns? From the talented Sally of Charity Shop Chic comes a new line of beautifully crafted, fun to sew patterns with a London style vibe.
She's starting off with a bang, bringing us a full collection of patterns for a complete work to night life to weekend wardrobe that can easily mix and match to fit your lifestyle.
When Sally emailed me and asked if I could test I was thrilled. The styles are so beautiful, I had a very hard time choosing just one, and she was kind enough to let me do two! She did give me these patterns in exchange for my feedback, and I sewed the beta versions. The opinions are my own.
The patterns I chose to test are Bellini, a lovely cap sleeved blouse with two collar options, and Champagne, a sleek fitted skirt with options for two styles of flounce.
I started with Bellini. The pattern itself is very simple, but all the details for a beautiful finish are there. The sleeves are cut on, and the front opening is faced. It's a perfect wardrobe basic, but with lovely details that will make it a stand out.
The pattern has two collar options. One is a simple cutaway collar that is the perfect blank canvas for embellishment. I couldn't resist the cute scalloped collar though! It requires a little more precision to sew, but I think it's worth the trouble. Such a fun detail.
Here you can see how cute it is buttoned all the way up. I don't ever wear my tops this way, as it rather accentuates my large tracts of land up there, but the blouse is designed to be worn either way, so if this is a look you like, fear not! There will be no gaping or constricting neck to worry about.
The full busted among us will be pleased to hear that I sewed this right out of the packet, without an FBA. I know. That said, you may note a bit of pulling in the armhole. As soon as I'm settled in the new place I plan to make this again (and again and again), and I'll show you how to FBA it.
The fabric I chose was a lightweight poly-cotton pique. It has a pretty sheen and a nice drape. This blouse works for any number of blouse weight fabrics. The instructions call for an impeccable finish with french seams throughout and a machine sewn baby hem. Since there are only a few seams to sew, this really takes no time at all. You'll be amazed how quickly it goes together.
Now, for Champagne. I just love this skirt. The pattern has two options for the flounce. One, which you see here, is a circular flounce all around the hem. The other option (which I will be making soon) has a front band that ends in a cute little rear flounce that acts as a vent.
The body of the skirt has a basic pencil shape with a narrow waistband that sits at the natural waist. There are front and back darts for shaping and the skirt closes with an invisible zipper at the center back. There is a full lining included.
It's very sleek both front and back. You can spot the darts that shape the backside here. They were perfectly placed for me.
The flounce is the fun part though. It really swings! It makes the whole skirt feel light as air.
The fabric I used is a silk tweed that I have been hoarding for a few years. You can see the bias sections in the flounce are accentuated by the plaid. It's a fun affect. The lining is white polyester satin. I love satin linings and white was perfect to brighten the pink of the silk.
The size chart placed me in a 12 for the waist and 14 for the hip, so I blended between those two sizes. I also added a bit of length, as I have long legs and a high waist. With just those changes, I am totally thrilled with the fit. I love it when a pattern really fits the size it says it fits! Although, Sally includes the finished garment measurements in the pattern, so you can cut with confidence. Hey, I cut into my silk without a muslin! Confident!
Overall, I'm completely impressed with the quality and style of Capital Chic patterns! Please head over to the website and check out the full collection! Sally offers two dresses, two skirts, a blouse and a knit top, each pattern with variations to suit your style. The patterns are available as PDF, both in a print at home and print at copy shop version. So, which one will you make first?? I know, it's hard to choose!


  1. Charity Shop ChicJune 26, 2014 at 8:42 AM

    Katie, you look absolutely incredible in these pictures! Thank you SO much for your support over the last few months, it's been invaluable. And your kind words on the patterns means a lot to me. I am so pleased that the patterns worked out for you and that you plan to make more. I would love to see what you are planning for the other view of Champagne, in particular. Thanks again for being AWESOME!

  2. Love it! That skirt I definitely need. I have a knit pattern on ravelry that I've been eying for years and it looks similar. This is perfect. My only thought was that I'd have to shorten it and inch or two for me, but since you say you lengthened it then I probably wouldn't even have to :)

  3. Both patterns look AMAZING on you! Really, really inspiring! Bellini is first on my list so thanks for the great review. x

  4. Cute patterns! But I must admit I was slightly bummed when I discovered they weren't patterns based on the Mockingjay 'Captiol Couture' fashions. :)

  5. I love this outfit combo Katie. That silk tweed is making me drool.

  6. The top and the skirt are very nice but you look beautiful in these photographs especially the ones of you touching the lapels! I'm gonna miss your sewing until you get set up in the new place.

  7. Really gorgeous. They are the two I've got my eye on for summer holiday sewing!

  8. These are two gorgeous pieces and love the fabrics.

  9. I especially love the shirt - it would be very polished for the office in summer. I look forward to seeing the FBA process :-)

  10. Gorgeous!! You totally sell these two patterns! I am in love with the skirt - that is my favorite skirt shape and the pink silk is a winner.

  11. stunning outfit!