Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Deer and Doe Plantain tee

When Deer and Doe patterns announced that they had released a free tee shirt pattern, I didn't jump on it right away. I mean, I have good tee patterns already, and I don't really go for unfitted styles.
Of course, then they started popping up on Flickr and in blogland. I was won over.
And I'm so glad! I've actually been stretching my usual style this Jungle January - 2 unfitted tops! Unheard of. But this is a good thing.
And so, without further ado - the Deer and Doe Plantain tee! As you can see, it is fairly fitted above the bust, but has a loose fit through the waist and hips.
For my Plantain, I used a lightweight, fairly loosely knit sweater knit from FabricMart. It's a little sheer, but the weight really works for this top. For the neckband, using self fabric wasn't an option, since it is relatively unstable, so I went with a metallic double knit from Mood Fabrics. I love this fabric and really wish I had bought more before they sold out. I'm going to use up every little scrap.
Since the fabric is lightweight and drapes well, the loose fit around the waist doesn't add bulk.
In fact, I think it looks quite trim, and I love the way it skims over my hips.
And the fit in back is absolutely amazing! Not a wrinkle or swayback to be seen!
For fit, I graded between several sizes, starting with a 38 at the shoulders. I graded out (using my cheater FBA method) to a 42 in the bust, then back in to the 38 at the waist. I flared out to a 40 in the hips.
I'm so thrilled I tried out the Plantain tee! Have you made yours yet?


  1. This is so cute! I'm loving all the versions I've seen but can't figure out when I would wear this since I wear t-shirts so infrequently...and then let's not talk about the sizing. It's another great January Jungle entry!

  2. Your Plantain looks fabulous!

  3. That is so cute, I really like it on you and need to go and download this pattern.

  4. I really love this tee!

  5. This top would also be cute lengthened into a dress.

  6. I am fascinated by the lack of swayback pooling...

  7. I love that little bit of sparkle the contrast neckband gives. I'd certainly steal this out of your closet. ;)

  8. So cute! All your Jungle makes are lovely, but this one is my favorite!