Friday, November 1, 2013

Monthly Roundup: October 2013

October was a pretty productive month for me, although a lot of what I made was quick and easy. It still always feels good to have a nice busy sewing month.

I sewed:
1) Ottobre 04/2011-20 jeggings for Myra
2) Ottobre 04/2004-38 capris for Emma
3) Ananda pony pants for Myra
4) Bimaa sweater hoodie for Myra
5) Kitschy Coo Lady Skater dress for me
6) Ottobre 01/2010-22 tee for Emma
7) Ottobre 01/2010-19 jacket for Emma
8) Ottobre 01/2010-13 pants for Emma
9) Ottobre 06/2008-19 turtleneck for Emma
10) Ottobre 04/2006-19 wrap sweater for Emma
11) Kitschy Coo Panelled Pinafore for Emma
12) Kitschy Coo Panelled Pinafore for Myra
13) Ottobre 01/2010-22 tee for Duncan
14) Ananda Pants for Duncan

That's a total of 14 garments. A couple of those are yet to be blogged, as patterns are still not released. I'll tell you about them when I can. I've sewn up 23.5 yards this month (including muslins), and added 42 yards of fabric to the stash. There was a very generous fabric gift in there, but I've also been stress shopping. Gotta stop that. My total for the year is 317 yards in and 289 yards out.

November will have some more super secret sewing, so the blog may be a little quiet, but there will still be lots to talk about. Have you heard about this?
I'm pretty stoked about this one. I'm contemplating how to reframe the grunge trend to fit my current age and life. I wore grunge the first time around with a vengeance, so I definitely am going to have to interpret a little so that it doesn't look like I just fell off the fashion train in High School. I'm imagining a distressed denim skirt with tights, logo tee and a more tailored flannel shirt. Maybe Mary Janes instead of Docs? Can grunge be grown up? I guess we're about to find out...

I've also got a blazer that is in the muslin stage and another big project that is still a secret. I'm pretty excited about both of those, too. So much to do, so little time...


  1. Oh! Congratulations on your result! You ALWAYS amaze! Thank for letting me know about the grunge sew-along -- I would be up for that!

  2. I love your idea for grunge. I wore grunge the first time around, too. I wonder if I could pull it off now, or if I would just look sloppy...

  3. I wore grunge first time around too, at uni which was the perfect place for it. These days I can't see myself wearing it but I'm looking forward you your interpretation! And the revealing of those secrets you've alluded to......

  4. Oh grunge! I hadn't seen this yet. I, too, wore this the first time round. My first thought is to make a plaid flannel Archer.