Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pattern Anthology Winter Wonderland Collection

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email offering me the chance to be a part of the Winter Wonderland Blog Tour for this season's Pattern Anthology.
I've been kind of swamped lately, so I wasn't sure I'd be able to do it justice, but after I saw the patterns, I had to get in on this party! Seriously, the styles are so adorable.
And Duncan did need some new winter duds. Doesn't get much cuter than that, y'all.
Our outfit starts with the Tree Climber Trousers, by Go To Patterns. I think these were designed for my little Dr. Destructo here. Padded knee patches, a slim fit and plenty of pockets for storing rocks. They're perfect.
I also made him the Johnnie B Good Hoodie by Shwin Designs, but with the regular collar. Both options are included in the pattern. It features your choice of short or long sleeves, back yoke and front yoke patches as well as a breast pocket option. Tons of options in this one pattern!
Styling outfits for my busy guy has to start with functionality. If he can't play in it, he's not going to be happy wearing it. Duncan has some special sensory needs that mean his clothing has to be non-irritating, so soft waistbands and easy fit tops are a must.
When I'm planning what to sew (or buy) for Duncan, I like to start with an outfit, and then mix and match within his existing clothing by building around a palette of colors. For Duncan, his neutrals are black, grey and white and I accent with brights like yellow, blue and red. This way, most of his wardrobe coordinates, so even if he chooses his own clothing (or Dad does...) there's a good chance it will match.
For this outfit, I tied the handmade pieces together with a matching accent fabric - the black and white gingham, which I used in the patches and pockets on the pants as well as the cuffs, plackets, yokes and undercollar on the overshirt. I found a tee that incorporated the same graphic feel in a black and grey color scheme, but which brings in a pop of yellow.
Duncan was very happy with his new outfit, and gave it a workout on the playground, but it was just as comfy for a quiet movie with Mom. A win! Be sure to go check out all of the beautiful patterns offered in this season's Pattern Anthology!


Heather Bee said...

I love both of these patterns! Can't do slim pants with my chucker but the hoodie could work. Tell Duncan he has a future in modeling cause he looks great.

Deb Cameron said...

Gorgeous colour combinations! He does look very smart. I have a son with sensory needs as well, it is a journey. It feels great to be able to recognise their need and meet it, we all have our own unique needs :-). He is gorgeous by the way.

Lori said...

Fantastic job on Duncan's new clothes.

Helena Ashbridge said...

Oh I'm so glad you shared your version

Andrea Pannell said...

I love this outfit! When my youngest daughter saw this she asked for one the same =)

kate said...

so cute! what a fun outfit! thanks for sewing this up!!

Shauna said...

I love this! Such great boy style! All of the pieces look so great and he looks so cool and comfortable