Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ottobre 04/2011-20 jeggings

This is one of those projects that should have been done years ago! When I got this issue of Ottobre, I immediately went out and got some jeggings knit to make these up.
Why did it take me 2 years!? They went together in a flash and are super cute. Bonus that they are comfy and Myra loves them.
They are from the 04/2011 issue of Ottobre, and come in both the kids and teens size ranges. I made Myra a 116, which is a little big, but she measures to a 110, so that's to be expected.
They feature a ton of jeans style topstitching as well as back pockets. Attaching pockets in a knit this unstable takes a little work. I use wonder tape to stick them in place, then spray starch or water soluble stabilizer to keep them from stretching out when sewing. I attached them with a triple stitch on my regular sewing machine. It's sturdier than the coverstitching, so Myra can shove her hands in her pockets without fear.
All the topstitching is purely decorative though. The pattern is a front, back and pocket - super simple! I did the topstitching on my coverstitch machine, but a twin or triple needle would work as well.
The fabric is from Joann. It is a denim colored jersey intended for jeggings. It's a bit thicker than your typical jersey, so it works as a bottom weight.
Myra likes to wear them cuffed, which I think is a fun way to show off the back side of the coverstitching, which has a sporty look. The back pockets are a nice touch as well.
I definitely think Myra is going to wear the heck out of these. They are comfortable and stretchy for play, but still appeal to her sense of style.


Lori said...

Those are so cute and love the pink topstitching. Great find at Joann's

Summer Flies said...

Myra is so cute and so are those jeggings! I love the triple stitch in pink.

Sew, Jean Margaret said...

Very cute. Love the top stitching.

Sandi said...

I've made at least 5 pairs of these for Gracie and they are great! BTW - I found aqua, hot pink, and purple knit with a denim look at my Joann's this fall and made this up in each of those colors. Seriously cute!