Saturday, June 1, 2013

Monthly Roundup: May 2013

I almost forgot to post this! May has been an utterly wretched month and I'm glad it's over. And that's all I have to say about that.

I did a bit of sewing.
1) No Sew Tutu for Myra
2) Tote bag for Logan's class
3) Maria Denmark Kirsten tee for me
4) Sewing Cake Tiramisu dress for me
5) Simplicity 2377 top for Myra
6) Jalie 2908 jeans for me
7) Jalie 2105 leotard for Myra
8) Ottobre 03/2013-10 shorts for Logan
9) McCalls 2423 dress for Myra
10) Go To Patterns gift bags x3 for the kids' teachers
11) McCalls 2434 dress for Myra
12) McCalls 6612 x2 for the Big 4 experiment

I am so behind on blogging, and I do apologize for that. I have lots of fun things to show you, including the results of my Big 4 experiment.

Anyway, as far as productivity goes, May was pretty average. I sewed 15 items, including a couple of bags - unusual for me. I sewed up 17.75 yards of fabric, but managed to acquire 29.5 yards. Stress shopping anyone? Yeah. I didn't sew any vintage or Burda patterns, but I did try the Maria Denmark Kirsten tee and made a Cake pattern and a couple of Jalies, so at least the Indie pattern companies were represented.
I have been really excited about the response to the SwimAlong that Leila and I are hosting. We're starting to see some pretty awesome swimwear shaping up. We still have lots to share with you this month, and we'll be getting pretty heavy into sewing techniques and tips. Stick around for the fun!

My other fun project this month is the Big 4 experiment. I've already sewn the two tops, but I still need to take some pictures. I really want this to be a fair comparison, so I'm waiting for a good photo opportunity, and a new camera that is coming my way. I've been really blown away by the response the original post had. So many of you are frustrated with the results you've had from the Big 4 patterns, but there are quite a few of you that also are happy with the fit, or are accustomed to the fit model and would have to relearn the adjustments you need if changes were made. There is a lot to talk about... Stay tuned!


  1. I'm sorry that May was such a rough month for you...hopefully June will be better! I'm looking forward to seeing more post regarding the SwimAlong. I had every intention of starting my swimsuit by now but K's need for dresses has taken over my sewing time.

  2. Yikes - I'm sorry it was a rough month! I hope June treats you better! i'm so excited about the Sewalong too - You and Leila are doing a great job!

  3. Ms Kadiddlehopper - you are so fiendishly productive! It is time for you to write about how in a bad month you can produce 12 garments and four bags, please. I feel pretty darned cheerful when I can produce 4-6 things a month -- and you have more children than I do, and are working. So 'fess up!