Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tutu: almost no sewing

This was such a simple project that I actually wasn't even going to blog it, but then there were adorable pictures.
Like that. Yeah.
And that. I actually had zero plans to make Myra a tutu today, but when I got a shipment of neon pink stretch lace in the mail, I thought this would be a good distraction. And it is.
I based this tutu on the No Sew type tutu, for which there are at least 40 gazillion tutorials on the web. I did make a few changes to the general method you see on those tutorials, mostly because I really wanted this to be a super fluffy tutu and most of those look more like slightly puffy skirts.
I started off with 2 inch wide elastic. I wanted to tutu to have a nice wide base, so that it would flare out rather than drape down. I didn't have spools of tulle, just yardage from my stash, so I cut strips about 4 inches wide and roughly 2 feet long.
Most of the tutorials use a looping slipknot sort of thing, but I think this type knot really encourages the loops of tulle to hang downward, so instead I made square knots with my strips of tulle, allowing them to stick out from the elastic base.
I also think a nice fluffy tutu relies on tons of tulle for body, so I crammed as many knots on there as I could. She's been dancing in it all day, so it's a win. And hopefully I can get my pants finished before she remembers that neon pink lace...

On a related note, I just heard that Disney plans a Princess-style makeover on my favorite princess, Merida. I'm very upset about this, as they are sexing her up, and turning her into someone that I'm not sure I want my own princess to model herself after. Myra loves Merida, and I don't want that to change.
My little Merida
There is a petition to protest this. I'm not sure how well that will work a week before the "crowning", but it's something. You can find it here -


  1. DEFINITELY a win! She's adorable! And looks very, very happy. Good job, mama!

  2. Cute cute cute! I made my niece a sewn type tutu a couple years back in the same colors. It's amazing how much mileage a little girl will get from one. =) Great distraction!

  3. Winner!!
    (Never thought about the knots affecting the direction--yours is fab).

  4. Your little girl is such a little cutie! Love her no-fuss tutu! I totally agree with you in regards to Merida---she's perfect the way she is and no makeover is needed!

  5. This is super cute, how fun and darling pictures.

  6. So cute, little girls and tutus go together perfectly!

  7. Super cute!

    I don't know about Merida and didn't know they were sexying her up. I'm all over the petition.