Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Want to find your sewing buddies??

Here in the blogosphere, I think we've gone a long way toward ensuring that none of us sews in isolation. We have this amazing community of sewist/seamstress/sewcialist (s) that share and communicate with each other about projects, fabric, notions, sales, all the stuff! We even occasionally get a chance to meet up with each other in real life, which I think we all agree is about the most fun ever!
Well, in a brilliant move to help us find each other, Vicki at Another Sewing Scientist has compiled a map where we can all plot our approximate locations, so that we can find those who are nearby, and when visiting other places, link up with the local sewing crew.
So, since this is much more fun when we all play along, please head over to Vicki's post and get all the details about how to pin yourself.

As for my own sewing room, work on my coat is moving forward. I've decided to try the machine method of tailoring for this one, which I haven't done before.
Here is the undercollar, all stitched and ready for steaming into shape. So far, I like this method. It's definitely faster than by hand, and seems a little sturdier than the fusible method that I used on my equestrian jacket. While I'm fully tailoring the undercollar, I'm not going to do a complete chestpiece, as I am underlining the coat with a fairly beefy wool jersey, which will provide warmth as well as structure. I will tape the roll line, which is something I like to do by hand. That may be the only handwork this coat sees! Hopefully, I can get going on this, as I really still want to make a polka dot frock for Scruffy Badger's Polka Dot Frock Fest. I had a hard time finding a fabric that I really liked, and I'm still not sure that the one I've chosen is perfect. I'm waffling, so I guess it's a good thing I still have a coat to finish, so I can think over my fabric choice.

ETA: I took a picture.
These are the two fabrics under consideration for my Polka Dot Frock. I really like the dainty dots on the right, but the fabric is an ITY, and I fear those lovely crisp pleats would be an utter fail in an ITY. The larger, ring-type dots (Are they even polks dots??) are fun, and the fabric is a more suitable stretch moleskin, but I'm afraid they would look odd broken up in the pleat area. What do you think?


  1. I'm on it.

    As are 4 (count 'em: 4) of my favorite fab[-ric] retailers.
    Can you guess where they are? (hint: 4 different towns, and 2 different states are represented)

  2. Heading to put myself on the map now. The polka dot fabric is wonderful.