Saturday, June 9, 2012


I went to my favorite local thrift store a few days ago. It's one of the few places that I can take all three kids where they will all behave, mostly because I bribe them with the promise of any toy they want. Totally worth the three bucks (max) for a peaceful shopping experience. There always is a pattern or two that I come home with, but today was even better!
The pattern selection is generally mostly 80s dropped sleeve, oversize, shoulder padded scariness, but there are generally a few 60s or 70s patterns to pick through. Mostly they tend to be eight size 6 or size 42. Today they had three fun 70s patterns, all in my actual size. I also grabbed a modern pattern for Myra. At 50 cents each, it's even cheaper than a Joann sale, and this one was factory folded.
Could you guess that this one is my favorite? I love 70s maxi dresses ever so much. And this one has such a lovely basque waistline. I'm not sure how wearable it is though. It pretty much screams 70s boho flower child. We'll see if that stops me from making it.
Since the kids weren't whining yet, I stopped by the fabric area as well. Generally there isn't anything there, but today I picked up two pieces if soft, polka dot interlock. Myra declared them hers before they even hit the cart. I think they'll be perfect for a few Dolman tops.
But the most fun find were these metal zippers! I've never seen notions there before, and these were just thrown in a bin next to the patterns, so I think I got lucky. The colors of the zippers are pretty fun - all sherbet and citrus, which is very current. I'll have to hunt through my vintage patterns for a skirt pattern that will do them justice. The coral one is 20 inches long. I wonder if the exposed zipper trend is going to last much longer? That would be seriously amazing down the back of a dress in a neutral like black or khaki. Pop of color anyone?

I was pretty pleased with my haul, but a few days later I had some kid free shopping time, and I popped into another thrift shop that isn't so kid friendly and y'all, I hit the vintage pattern motherlode.
And get this - they are all my size!!! I may have squealed a bit when I started riffling through the pattern bin and realized what I was looking at.
Here are a couple of favorites. After a cursory examination of the haul, it looks like they were very well cared for. Although many are cut and some of the pattern envelopes are torn, they all look more or less intact. Woo-hoo!

Now, I admit that I went a little crazy, and some of these are not ever going to get sewn by me, so I've already put some up for sale in my Etsy shop, and once I've sorted through them and made sure they are intact, I'll pass on some of the love to you and have a little giveaway. So, let me know - any vintage styles you are particularly lusting for? These are mostly 60s and 70s with a sprinkling of late 50s.


  1. Nice haul! It's fun when you hit the mother lode at the Thrift store!

  2. Katie - You totally hit the mother lode - yes, I'm interested in seeing that 70s dress. . .
    Well, Ventura is supposedly the thrift capital of California and I've NEVER seen patterns in a thrift store - you're so lucky - I'd be snapping everything up too!!

  3. Well I'm totally going to some thrift stores now! I love that short dress on top of your pile, and I see palazzo pants!

  4. oh my gosh
    ..thrifting is SO awesome
    You found some great patterns!

  5. That 1970s maxi dress is the pattern my mom made my Jr. High school graduation dress from in a ivory eyelet that I picked out. I loved that dress so much.

  6. Awesome finds & so much! Love the metal zippers & gorgeous patterns!

  7. I love 70's wide-leg pants! Great find! Especially all in your size!

  8. Oh, great finds! I especially love the 60s one at the botom of your big pic o' patterns. I love those days at the thrift store... (I also love that my kids are now sufficiently civilized to shop with under most circumstances...)

  9. I am totally a thrifter too! I think people are cleaning out their closets because I have been scoring nicely lately. I also found a huge pile of patterns (in my size) for 60 cents each! I'm a crocheter and also found dozens of unopened balls of thread the same day for $1.80 each. I'm glad to meet someone who appreciates a good thrifting find!