Friday, June 15, 2012

Dolmania, phase 1: the boys

I've mentioned that I'm participating in Kitschy Coo's Dolmaniac's Sew-Along, and here is my first effort. Amanda was kind enough to draft the pattern to fit all of my kids, so naturally they all got new shirts! First, the boys...
I love that this tee works just as well for boys as it does for girls. Both my boys are happy and comfortable - not to mention cute! - in their Dolman Tops.
Logan was the most in need of a new shirt, so I made his first. And he is all smiles! The size 5/6 is a perfect fit.
The pattern is the Dolman Top by Kitschy Coo. I used a fun circus train screen printed jersey (from the Fabric Fairy) for Logan's top, with black ribbing for the neckband. Since Logan has some sensory integration issues, I didn't use the armbands or waistband. He doesn't like his clothing to be at all constricting. This pattern is really perfect for him, as he can be sensitive to clothing with a lot of seams, and this top only has 4.
The neckband application method used in the pattern is really superb. See how smooth and flat it lies? Beautiful drafting, there. I used my coverstitch machine to topstitch the band, with cream thread in one needle and black in the other. The two lines of stitching straddle the seam, so the cream stitching blends with the cream top and the black stitching with the black neckband.
This photograph expresses best how we all feel about this pattern and shirt. Can you hear the chorus of angels?
Duncan likes his, too. For him, I used the smallest size - 18M/2T. It has a looser fit than Logan's, but Duncan is barely 18 months old and a bit small for his age anyway. The neckline is nice and generous, so it was easy to get over his giant head.
The fabric for Duncan's top is a cotton-lycra waffle knit that my mother brought home from Expo a couple of years ago. It is super soft and comfy and you can't get much more 'boy' than frogs and lizards. Just to be clear on the subject, I used a camo rib knit for the neck and arm bands.
The topstitching is a little easier to see on this one - green on the band and cream again for the top. Several RTW garments that the kids have are topstitched this way, and I think it gives it a more professional look.
We are all smiles about our Dolman Tops! Next up will be a girlie version, then I'm going to mix up the pattern a little to try some other fun options. Stay tuned! And be sure to check out all of the Dolman Tops in the Flickr group and add your own!


  1. LOVE the train print fabric!!
    SO glad you put the frog/lizard print to good use!

    Beautiful execution on both shirts.

    I need more machines in my sewing room like I need fewer hours in my day, but I really envy the beautiful job your coverstitch machine does on those bands and hems.
    there could be one of those machines appearing on my kaboodle list in the near future . . .

    I can't wait to see what you turn out for Miss SassyPants!! Something pink, perhaps??

    1. Hah Hah, you know her so well... Pink is done, I just have to blog about it. There is some yellow, but with flowers and hearts as well.

      And I LOVE my coverstitch machine. When I was researching sergers, I thought I wanted one that could convert and do both serging and coverstitch, but I was able to borrow a friend's machine that did both, and I found it annoying to switch between the two, so I never used the coverstitch function. I love having a separate machine so that I can switch back and forth effortlessly. Particularly for a project like this, where I serge on the neckband, then coverstitch it, then serge the shoulder seam, then coverstitch the sleeve hems, then serge the side seams, then coverstitch the bottom hem. I can't imagine how much more time it would have taken if I had been endlessly trying to switch my machine over from coverstitch and back to serging.

      If you're curious, mine is the Brother 2340CV coverstitch and I love everything about it. I got mine here and they were very responsive when it was damaged in shipping. Totally not their fault, but they replaced the machine anyway, and even shipped it out before I had sent them the damaged one.

    2. Yeah, it is time-consuming to switch functions.
      I tend to put off all of the chain-stitching and hemming until last, so I don't have to switch back and forth. That is, IF I use the chain-stitch feature at all. Sometimes after I get it threaded, I am unhappy with my sample; I then overcast, and put a twin needle in the Pfaff.
      Clearly, I should take an afternoon or so, and practice, practice practice.

      I shall keep your recommendations in mind.

  2. Very cute tees! I love Duncan's version! I'm a big fan of frogs, lizards, and camo, so it's right up my alley! Can't wait to see Myra's!

  3. The Doman Tees turned out great! I really like Duncan's.:)

  4. That train fabric is so delicious!! Boy all around.

  5. As always, great work :) Love that train print, there is a similar black retro car on cream jersey that I've been coveting from Sweden! And thanks for all the kind words on the pattern.

    1. Ooooh, black retro cars on cream?!? That sounds fantastic!

  6. Love the fabric on both shirts, but I double love the camo you used on the Duncan's!
    We don't have any sensory issues in the family (that I know of), but it was interesting to read how you took that into consideration with Logan's tee. I'm storing that information away in my mind (that gladly holds sewing details but dumps storylines for movies and books, much to my husbands chagrin).