Wednesday, June 27, 2012

2-in-1 Sew-A-Long: Fabric

I really appreciate all of the input about on the post about fabric for my dress. I'd been leaning pretty strongly toward the animal print, but you all got me thinking more about the floral. I really love bold, abstract florals, and I had pretty much decided that was the way I was going to go. Then I was perusing my closet and realized that I already have a floral dress with a wrap bodice.
This is the Fantasia dress by Sew Chic Patterns. I made it a few years ago (and posted about it here), but I haven't worn it much, as it isn't nursing friendly. Laura posted on her blog about wearing hers to the grocery store and it reminded me of how much I love mine. I do love this dress, but really how many shiny satin abstract floral wrap dresses does one girl need in her wardrobe??

So, I was starting to lean back in the direction of the animal print, when a big box from arrived, and in it was the most perfect polka dot rayon in the world.
It might be love.


  1. Your polka dots will make a beautiful dress for the wedding. And I do love your abstract floral dress from the closet, but I think a girl can never have too many abstract floral dresses! They are so feminine and fun!

  2. Totally remember that dress - fabulous! Also love your polka dot - congratulations on finding it at such an opportune time!

  3. That's probably why I was leaning towards the floral. I was remembering that fabulous dress. You know I love the polka dots!

  4. The floral dress looks amazing - awesome that you have rediscovered it! I love the polka dots too.

  5. Ooooo. Love the dots! Perfect for a wedding and it justs looks summer-y. Bright, crisp floral - spells fun. The Goose Mother