Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Frankenpattern and Simplicity 2290 PJs

When I showed Logan the Mater interlock that I made his and Duncan's tee shirts out of, he was really excited about it. He's been a little lukewarm about Cars lately, so I was glad he was so pleased. He told me that he wanted a short sleeve shirt (check!) and jammies (uh oh.). I only had a yard of the interlock, and he actually prefers flannel PJs, so I put "Mater flannel" in the back of my mind and went on my merry way. Last week, I hit Joann for the yellow ribbing for Duncan's tee, and Logan found his flannel.
Yeah, I'm a sucker for that kid. He asks me for so little. Anyway, the patterns are the same ones I used to make his Thomas the Train PJs, which are his favorite.
I used some bright yellow buttons from the stash and stitched the buttonholes in yellow thread, just for fun. All of the other topstitching was done in dark blue.
When I showed them to him, he declared them "cool". Erg, when did my baby start saying, "cool"?? At least he still loves Mater jammies!


  1. Cute jammies - what a nice mom you are!

  2. Oh wow, I totally made pajamas with the same fabric, except that I underestimated what I needed (dumb 45" width fabric!), and I didn't have enough for pants which made #1 kind of sad. I reckon I'll have to remedy that one.

    1. 45" fabric gets me every time...

  3. Aww! They're awesome. At least mom-mades are still cool! ;)

  4. Wow, he's getting big. Nice jammies! It's so nice that he appreciates your creations.

  5. I bet he thinks his mom and her sewing are as cool as his jammies.

  6. It makes it extra special that he doesn't ask for much and you're able to fulfill his wishes.:)

  7. Oh yes, little boys love mater. I don't know how old Duncan is, but my grandsons, age 4 and 5 are all about Cars and Spiderman!