Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ottobre 06/2011-34

I'm afraid that I am notorious for neglecting necessary (but boring) sewing. Poor Logan falls into that category all too often. It's particularly pronounced in the pajama department. He has exactly enough sets of PJs (that he likes) to get him from one wash day to the next, so when he tore a hole in one of his PJ tops, it was a bit of an emergency. Naturally, the hole was front and center in the middle of the fabric - not repairable. The top was really too short anyway, but the pants still fit great, so instead of attempting a sad looking repair, I used the remains of the old top to applique a new one.
He was more interesting in playing with it than getting a good picture.
The pattern is from the most recent issue of Ottobre, 06/2011. It is #34, which is a raglan sleeved PJ top with a fun bulldog applique. I went a little simpler and made a large number 5 on the front of the shirt and a little soccerball snipped out of the print on the right sleeve.
The fabric is a super soft cotton rib knit. I really wish I remembered where it came from. I want some more!! Before I got my serger, I really struggled sewing rib knits. It seemed like no matter what I did, the seams would ripple. Now, I just crank the differential feed up to 2 and stitch away! This tee really did whip up quickly. As is typical for Ottobre, it is beautifully drafted. The neckband seemed way to small when I was first attaching it, but it turned out just right. I did lengthen the shirt and sleeves to the next size up, as it looked short in the magazine. On Logan, the fit is nicely slim and the length is good. There is a little room to grow, but not so much that he's swimming in it.
This was supposed to be a PJ top, but when Logan saw it, he told me that it is to wear to preschool. So, you may be seeing some more boy PJs here soon... And a few more of these. It's a good basic, and he could use more long sleeve shirts. It gets cold out there!


  1. Great save! That's how I spending my day today, making 6 pairs of PJ pants for the kiddos...

  2. I love it!
    I love it!!
    I love it!!!

    Sewing for boys can be fun!

    Also: great job protecting the planet and the family budget by recycling!
    2 green trees for you!

  3. Good job! I am trying to figure out if it's worth making warm, fuzzy PJs for my kids... Syo's been sleeping in shorts and a tank-top and her fuzzy house-coat. I can't tell if she actually dislikes all her PJs (of which she has plenty) or if she just really likes her super-fuzzy housecoat. >_< (Oh, and I WISH I could get her to wear long-sleeve shirts...)

  4. On my little netbook screen, I thought that was a cookie monster print at first!
    I like how you recycled the old shirt to make the new one.

  5. How funny! I was thinking what a terrific save it was to use the ripped top to make a new matching pj top, then read how your clever plan had been foiled by too much success. It is great that he wants to wear his top to pre-school. I hope you can whip up something for him to wear to bed that is not quite as appealing to him!

  6. Oooh I agree with little Logan - way too nice a shirt to wear for jammies. :D