Saturday, October 1, 2011

Monthly Roundup: September 2011

September has been kind of a slow month sewing-wise. Duncan's sleep has been seriously erratic (growth spurt + learning to crawl = nursing all night long), so my sewing time has been pretty minimal.

I sewed:
1) Vogue 8719 pants for Mitch
2) McCall's 5696 skirt for Myra
3) Simplicity 2738 PJ top for Logan
4) Simplicity 2290 PJ pants for Logan
5) Simplicity 2065 dress for Myra
6) Simplicity 2403 dress for me (promise, pictures coming soon!)

I also appliqued a bag for Logan to take to school. Total yardage: 12 1/2. 9 1/2 of that was from stash. The only non-stash garments were the PJs for Logan. I'm getting much better at shopping the stash! I'm not sure which garment was the most successful this month. Myra wears her skirt and dress constantly. Logan loves his PJs. Mitch's pants are wearable, although there is still some work to go before I can call them an unequivocal success.

For October, I have a baby gift that I need to knock out for a shower on the 4th, then it will be all costumes, all the time.
Myra is going to be Rapunzel. I've worked out the fit tweaks to the neckline and so real sewing can commence. Logan is planning to be Woody from Toy Story. I'm thinking I'll use the "Beethoven" shirt from Ottobre, as it has a nice slim fit. For his vest, I actually think I'll use his PJ pattern top, shortened and sleeveless. I'm planning to bind the edges as that is what it looks like was done to Woody's vest. I'm lining it with flannel for warmth and the shirt is a flannel backed homespun. Duncan is going to be Rex from Toy Story. I'm using Simplicity 2506, the dragon view but without the spikes. He'll be warm and snuggly in fleece. Logan insists that Mitch is going to be The Evil Doctor Porkchop and I am to be Lot's-O Huggin' Bear. We'll see about that...


  1. I hope Duncan gets back to sleeping nicely for you soon! I always found those growth spurts/ton of nightly feedings to be harsh after the newborn stage has passed and you've grown accustomed to getting sleep.

  2. If Utah is like here, and I suspect it is, you'll want lots of flannel and fleece for the costumes, so they're not spoiled by coats. We had snow on 2 Halloweens that I remember in the last 23 years, and it was always down in the low 30's! Consider this fair warning from an experienced cold-weather Halloween Mom!

    My word verification is "pride", which I can see in all of your beautiful work.

  3. I have that same costume pattern on the right, too! Rylee was a mouse for her 2nd Halloween. I'm sure Duncan will be an adorable dino.

  4. Oh, to be a kid and have a mummy who can make you all these costumes.. It's so much fun!
    I'am a bit late on commenting on your previous post, but I really like your dress and the idea of using two different fabrics/colours. It's like you have a blouse and a skirt but without all the fuzz at your waist. And the blouse stays tucked in all the time :) Lovely!