Saturday, September 17, 2011


This weekend my ward at church participated in a day of service. There were a ton of different projects to choose from, including weeding, painting, cleaning, even roofing! I know you'll all be shocked to hear I chose the one I could do with my sewing machine.
Here we are, working on our quilts! The ladies in the middle are tying and quilting, and at the lower right, Magali is making the "sandwich" from a completed quilt top. On the lower left is the squares for the quilt top that I worked on, which we actually got finished!
Our women's group actually meets weekly to make quilts to donate to a local Hopi Indian reservation as well as to Primary Children's Hospital. I recently donated a bag full of fabric, and Magali had brought the quilt top she had incorporated some of "my" fabrics into. It is the green one she's sandwiching!
Here it is a little closer up. Isn't it beautiful! She is an amazing quilter. It was fun to see some fabrics that I recognized. The green print in the border is this blouse and this dress. The larger tan and cream squares are left over from this skirt and if you look closely at the smallest squares, you'll see this batik print!

In other news, I'm working on a dress from Simplicity 2403. Yes, Her Selfishness is working on this as well, although hers is silk and mine is cotton, which may be a bit of an analogy for our different lives. Friday night my good friend Beth came to visit and helped me fit my muslin. It was so awesome to have her help!
Here's a preview of how the muslin looks on Sandra Dee. I've still got some work to do, but I tried a new FBA method for the princess seams that I really think I like. I'll tell y'all more about it once I get the details nailed down.


  1. How good of you to donate your time and talent to a charity. Of course, that is what churches do! Your muslin looks wonderful. That pattern has a lot of options.

  2. Wonderful quilts - really beautiful! Yes, what a fantastic muslin very retro - I can't wait to see the result!

    P.S. I've done quilts in the past and am toying with the idea of a quilt in the next year or two - BUT I do find it painstakingly long to quilt. Good for your church for these good works!

  3. The dress is very pretty - interesting that it has a center front seam in the skirt. Can't wait to see it finished!

  4. You have kids. Silk is out of the question. It still will be when they're old, like mine. But it's very pretty!

  5. I so understand that cotton/silk analogy! My life is cotton all the way on soooo many different levels.

  6. LOVE the name of your dressform!