Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ottobre 06/2010-5 sort of

The Wee Professor is my first winter baby, so as I've been sewing snuggly fleece jammies for my big kids, I couldn't neglect him!  I really prefer a sleep sacque for wee babies, but footed sleepers are a nice thing to have as well.  I was so excited to win Ann's giveaway of this adorable sleep sacque pattern, but until it comes, I decided to sew up a footed sleeper from the most recent issue of Ottobre.  I really prefer a front zip closure, so I made a few modifications.
The pattern is Ottobre 06/2010-5, but with a front zip closure, no pocket and no rear diaper flap.  This pattern felt a bit like an afterthought in a magazine full of well planned and thought out garments.  The pattern didn't even include full dimensions for the binding - just "cut binding 4 cm wide".  I measured along the pattern pieces where I was binding the edges and cut that amount, then trimmed off the extra, since I had stretched it a little to sew it on.  Typically Otto includes a separate pattern pieces for the binding, so I was a little surprised at the omission here.
Here is the back.  Since the front is cut on the fold in the original design, all of the shaping for the diaper and crotch are incorporated into the back panels, so I couldn't just merge them all into one piece, since there is significant shaping in that curved seam above the bum.  It does give the sleeper plenty of diaper space!  I don't cloth diaper, but I imagine you could fit a diaper, cover and soaker in there with no problem.  I did forget that the bottom was supposed to lap over the top, so I really didn't need to add as much seam allowance.  Fortunately, it was a minor matter to ease in the extra length in the back - it was less than 1/2 inch.
I don't like having to flip a baby over to dress him, so a front closure is my favorite.  I used a zipper here, and added a little tab over the zipper pull, so that it doesn't scratch his neck.
It seems like all I've sewn this month is fleece.  Perhaps I'll find something new to sew next...  Until my bunting pattern gets here, that is!


  1. Why no rear diaper flap? My youngest brother used to wear jammies with them. They are adorable. I just got my first Ottobre's yesterday!

  2. It looks great! What kind of fabric is the binding?

  3. You did a beautiful job on this. He will be lovely and snug in it. I agree about the rear flap...some people love them , but I have only bad memories of my first born wearing them...none of my subsequent babies wore them!

  4. it looks like a great coverall for the baby! good idea about the zip cover, never thought if it! I always wonder about babies clothes... it's always a challenge to find something comfortable for them and for the mommy!

  5. OMG! How sweet! Yer killin' me with all this teeny tiny stuff, you know that right? LOL! Not much longer, huh?