Friday, December 31, 2010

Butterick 6567

Last in the long line of Christmas gifts is this apron that I made for my MIL.  It is part of a set that included a handmade soap mold made by Mitch.  Donna has for the last several years been working toward a candlemaking business, and has recently been experimenting with soaps and other toiletries.  Her website is here - Big Art Candles.  She makes wonderfully fragranced soy candles for a fraction of what you'd pay for a Yankee Candle - and so much better!!
Anyway, the apron.  Mitch chose the pattern - Butterick 6567 and even bought the fabric himself, although I did help with the selection.  The pattern is a nice basic apron pattern.  It has good coverage both top and bottom, which was one of the reasons he chose it.  Soap and candlemaking can be messy!  It also has simple enough lines that it would play nicely with the fabric we chose, which is oilcloth (purchased at FFC).  We needed something that would be impervious to the waxes she uses.  The fact that it comes in cute prints didn't hurt!
Here is the back.  I like the stay across the shoulders to keep the back straps from slipping down.  I did make a few pattern modifications to accommodate the oilcloth.  I omitted any gathering (the skirt front inset and the gathers at the neckline), and swapped the ties for velcro tabs.  Gather and ties just aren't possible with this fabric.  I also didn't face the waistband, instead I did a simple turned and stitched hem.  The pattern actually calls for most of the edges to be finished with bias which is perfect for oilcloth.  The pattern includes a pattern piece and instructions for making your own bias tape, which I can totally see being adorable in coordinating prints.  I went with commercial tape.  This pink is an unusual shade, and I just couldn't match it.  I think it looks nice with the solid cream though.  FYI, I needed 3 packages of tape for this version.  I also petited the bodice, taking out an inch just above the waist and another inch at the shoulder.
Here is the back velcro tab.  This was totally Mitch's idea as well.  I just inserted it in place of the ties on the waistband.  If I'd been thinking ahead I would have just extended the waistband to make the tab.  Altogether, I think this was an excellent marriage of fabric and pattern.  I hope Donna gets a lot of good use out of it!


  1. OK A) that is a FABULOUS apron. I love the fabric and I love the changes you made and it's just plain cool. You are clearly a very good DIL (which of course, surprises none of us). And B) I love your MIL's website! It's lovely and the candles look lovely. I'm forwarding it on to a few people I know who like to spend on luxury items like this (er... because I'm too poor, but maybe one of them will buy me something! LOL). Excellent.

  2. It's great!!!! Mitch was an excellent consultant -- he has some great ideas!

    Thanks also for a link to her website -- I wasted an hour yesterday trying to find it, why couldn't Google???

    I'll bet Donna loved this!

  3. That is a super cute apron. I forget how much I love aprons until I need one! Your mother in law is lucky!

  4. I love this pattern! The fabric is so cute too. Schweeet!

  5. That is such a lovely and thoughtful gift. It looks great.