Friday, October 15, 2010

Simplicity 4378 Ren fest pants

Done!!  My costume sewing frenzy can finally grind to a halt and I can sew something fun!!  For the last piece of Mitch's Renaissance Festival garb, I used his TNT scrubs pattern, and just left off the back pocket.  Utterly boring, and I am not going to put you to sleep with the gory details.
However, here is a cute picture of my Renaissance Man, all put together.  As you can see, not much of the pants even show.  I did not expend much care on these pants for two reasons.  One, I am tired of sewing costumes.  Two (and the primary reason) Mitch is planning to get some new boots at the Faire this year, which means I will be making new (and better) pants for next year.
I am happy to say that Mitch LOVES his tunic.  So much that he wanted me to show you a better picture of it, so that you can all admire how great it looks on him.  Also, because the trim is awesomely cool, and he wanted you to see it.  I think also we may need to get a new belt when we get him some new boots...
Speaking of boots, I wanted to give a big thanks to everyone who chimed in about appropriate footwear to go with my dress.  In the spirit of practicality, I went shopping for boots. 
and came home with these!  The picture is making them look a bit more golden than they are, but I think they are just right!
For those who may be questioning my reference to these as practical, I invite you into my closet for a random sampling of the shoes that were on the floor after having been kicked off this week.
As you can see, the caramel boots are distinctly practical in comparison...
And, since shoes should always be purchased in pairs...
These came home with me, too.  Won't they look amazing with my black silk pants??


  1. Great new shoes!! I like your "shoes should always be purchased in pairs" philosophy :)

    Deb M.

  2. It is a good photo on him. The trim looks good. Yeah for new shoes!
    What will you sew now?

  3. Yeah! I love your pick. I know what you mean about being tired of sewing costumes - after my elvisrama last year I actually bought a Halloween costume (which I am adding to!). . . Have fun at the Festival! And, might I add - you ARE productive!

  4. Great choice (on both!) The boots will work great for the Renn fair and you should get a ton of use out of them.

    I'm drooling over the bottom pair, too. I love the man-shoe-pump look in shoes. I have a bunch.

  5. The finished tunic looks great! And love, love, love the shoes (boots, impractical, and booties)!

  6. great work on the tunic, you guys are going to be awesome at the renfaire!!

  7. Wow - nice work! And you wear some HEELS, don't you! The shoes are awesome.

  8. His costume looks fantastic! You did a really lovely job on it m'dear. And I'm LOVING your boots! Great color and style. I think they would also look fabulous with leggings and a tunic for running errands and such. Just a thought.