Sunday, January 10, 2010

Simplicity 4378 again

Whew!  These took me forever, and I fudged so many things on them.  Don't look closely at the breast pocket.  It is completely in Mitch's armpit.  I'm not sure how I did that, since I used the same placement markings as last time and the pocket is fine on the last set.  And the shoulder pleats are facing the wrong direction.  WTH??  Anyway, Mitch declares them wearable, so I'm calling that good enough!

Like the cheesy pose I talked him into?
It just goes to show that when you aren't really excited about a project, you won't really have your mind on it.  My head has been occupied with other things.
My Sew Chic Myrtlewood pattern arrived, as well as the pink and brown herringbone wool from which I am planning to make it.  Now I just need lining fabric and an accent piece for the hip sash.  I was planning a trip to Dallas yesterday with my mom to go to the Golden D'Or in search of the perfect thing, but Myra developed a stomach bug, so I stayed home with her.  Now I'm waiting for some swatches of Ambiance and some silk dupioni to come from in hopes of a color match.  We'll see...
On the houndstooth coating front I've nearly decided to use Simplicity 2764, although I am very nervous about pattern matching.  The front isn't actually a princess seam, but rather a shaped release tuck.  Interesting construction, but we'll have to see how it plays out in real life.  The cover picture shows a plaidish fabric, so I'm hoping that bodes well for my houndstooth, but I am worried about how my inevitable FBA will distort the lines.  We'll just have to see.  I'd like for this to be an early foray into learning some tailoring techniques, specifically stabilizing the raglan sleeve with a stay and building in some structure with interfacing.  I'm also planning to add a lining, which the pattern does not include.  It should be an interesting adventure.
These two projects have totally taken over all sewing portions of my brain, so I really can't be responsible for my actions in the sewing room right now.  I think I may have to shove aside my January plans in favor of this dress and jacket.  How fun is that!?
And before I go - another cheesy shot of my cute hubby!


  1. If you're not familiar with Tany's website, it is so worth reading. She recently made a fabulous houndstoth coat, with several seams, all of which she matched perfectly. Here is the address:

    If you scroll down a couple of posts, you'll see it, along with some tailoring tecniques that she used.

    Mitch looks totally happy in his scrubs!

  2. Hope your little girl gets feeling better and fast. Lucky her mommie and daddy know exactly how to help her.

  3. I was going to say (before I bothered to click on the Simplicity link) that if you move the darts on grain, you will be able to match your plaids... then I saw that they have the dart on grain already. If you do your FBA at the dart/tuck, you should still be able to keep it on grain. You might have to put a small dart at the armscye and that won't match up, but I see that in RTW coats all the time and I think it's mostly unnoticeable.

    You can do it!

    Now I'm off to read Tany's blog, I forgot she had one.

  4. And booo hooo hooo on missing Golden D'Or! Poor Myra, I hope she bounced back. Maybe you'll get up to D again soon (I have been STUDIOUSLY avoiding both Golden D'Or and Grapevine Collection for two years now... my pocketbook can't handle it! I keep thinking if I use up my ENORMOUS stash by the end of this year, I can set aside a certain budget and head down there next year to replenish.... we'll see).

  5. Mitch does look cute, and delighted with his shirt. No one will notice the pocket placement and direction of the pleats but you. Thanks for the link to Sew Chic. I hadn't heard of them before and they have some unique styles. I am really interested in hearing about your experience using the Myrtlewood pattern and seeing the finished garment. Pink and Brown herringbone sounds really pretty. What color is the hip band going to be?

  6. You're right...hubby is cute and shot is cheesy! LOL

  7. I am glad Mitch liked the scrubs, even if the sewing part of your brain wasn't really into making them!
    I am also anxious to hear what you think about the new pattern as I liked one of the other ones.
    I hope Myra is better soon. We all had some sort-of stomach thing that lasted over a week in each of us. It was NO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Great set of scrubs!!! I've just finished three more boxers and the fit is slightly different (and construction, oddly) on all three! I used the same pattern and don't know why. They are fine but like you, I wonder what happened? Fantastic scrubs - I do think the "boring" factor (ie. in the medical community, do they call it sweatshopitis?), plays a role.

  9. Hey, so long as he is happy with the scrubs, then it's all good. We're always our own worst critic, right? ;) Good luck on the jacket! I know squat about tailoring, but will be cheering you on from the sidelines!