Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ren Fest sewing: Pirates done!

After all that delicate wedding sewing, it was pretty nice to get back to plain old jersey and broadcloth. Whew! My iron was so relieved to finally get back to the "Yay, natural fibers" setting after being set to "Don't melt the polyester" for so long.

Of course, first up was to finish the pirate costumes for our trip to the Texas Renaissance Festival.
To complete the "look" I made a couple of fringed sashes. They are just big rectangles, sewn and turned with fringe stuck in the ends. Easy, but effective.I couldn't imagine our wee pirate lasses wanting to wear the coats for long, particularly since it is frequently still quite warm in October. So I made a couple of quick peasant blouses from Simplicity 5695, which you have seen before here. This is such a great pattern! I know I am going to get tons of use out of it. This version is made out of jersey, for comfort. I gathered the sleeves with clear elastic. Whoever invented that stuff should be sainted!! That was the easiest gathering I have ever done. It stretches like a mad fiend. I'd never have been able to get regular elastic to do that. The pattern calls for you to make a bias tape casing, which is fiddly to do. This was way easier! The neckline is cased the traditional way, since I didn't want a ruffle in the girls faces. Besides, I think this is a more traditional peasant blouse look. I also followed the sage advice of my friend Britta and made the top long, so that next year I can use it as a chemise. You can't see the extra length in the photo, since I tucked the blouse into the skirt. Myra will just need an overskirt for next year and she'll be the cutest 2 year old bar wench ever! Good call, Britta!

Although I didn't include them in this photo, there is also a pair of ridiculously cute (and easy to make) hats. You can see them here. The hats, along with the coats and skirts were made with Simplicity 2561, which also conveniently has an overskirt/baby corset that will be perfect with Myra's chemise. We are so set for next year!


Varina said...

Those are ridiculously tiny and adorable.

Antoinette said...

Sooooo cute! Well done.