Saturday, September 19, 2009

The dress - petticoat

I finished the petticoat (sort of), just in time for the fitting later today. I haven't yet topstitched the waist seam or attached the back closure, since I'm not sure I'm happy with the waistline. But I'll get to that!
I have to say that this is definitely NOT my favorite pattern right now. It is not very well drafted. The notches didn't match up (or weren't even there) in a few spots. The skirt panels weren't all the same length. Worse than that, the pattern directions were terrible. The petticoat is essentially three layers. The top layer is taffeta. It is lined with lining material onto which tiers of net are sewn. The waistband is a knit (I used rib knit), which I like, in theory. Here's where it starts to get wonky. The pattern calls for a centered zip at center back. Most wedding gowns fastens at center back, generally with a zipper. Two layers of zipper seems like a bad plan. I elected to leave the back open (who's going to see it?) and put a hook and eye (or button and loop) at the waistline where the skirt portion joins the knit waistband.Here is that. The other thing that killed me about this pattern was the method of assembling the net tiers. Let me begin by saying that net is not the easiest fabric to work with. It slips and catches on things - totally not fun. Add to this the complexity of gathering yards and yards of this nasty stuff. Again not fun. The pattern instructed you to gather the sections beginning at the top and working down. I so know better, but I don't know what was wrong with me; I did it their way. Aaaargh! Have you ever tried to gather 9 yards of annoying, slippery fabric that keeps catching on itself onto a 4 yard layer that is already gathered?!? Don't do it!!!At least it gives the skirt the proper pouf.I am a little worried about the bulkiness of the knit waistband, though. The skirt portion fit on my dress form without the petticoat, but it misses meeting by a little more than 2 inches. I'm glad we have a fitting today, so that I can see what needs to happen with this.

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