Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Simplicity 2985

This is another in my pattern stash that I really enjoy making. And I think it turns out super cute! I was a little nervous about it, since it looks so detailed, but it goes together quite easily and the pattern instructions are very clear. I made this one in the smallest size for Myra to wear when she was first born. It is view C, but without the elastic cased into the edges of the sleeves. As a note, the pattern does feature set-in sleeves. In the smaller sizes, this is ridiculously difficult to do on a machine without a very narrow free arm. Be warned.At that, it was too big for her until she was nearly a month old. Logan picked out the fabric - classy, hey? I was worried that it wouldn't translate well into a girly dress, but I think this pattern made it happen. The only things that I would (and later did) change would be to get rid of the ties. It doesn't seem very comfortable to me for a baby who spends all her time on her back to have a knot there. They are cute, though.

This is my second outfit from this pattern. It is view F with pant G. The top went together like a dream. I LOVE those little half sleeves. The armhole is also bound with bias tape, which I like. The pants, however, caused no end of swearing!! Those curved hems were the devil to press and sew! I learned later that a little ease stitch around the curve would have solved my woes. As you can see, she's happy and comfy. Or maybe that's just because she's with Grandpappy.

I also used the pants pattern as a rough estimate when making vegbee's awesome wrap pants (Click for the tutorial).
I got around the rounded hem problem by just edging them with cute bias tape. I think the effect is fun, and Myra loves them!I will say that the pattern does run a bit large and the pant (which is supposed to be a capri) is long. The XXS (up to 7 lbs.) didn't actually fit Myra until she was closer to 10 lbs, and the Small (which is labeled a 6 month size) is still fitting her at 8 months, while she is wearing a 12 month size in ready-to-wear. I don't think of this as a drawback, since it means I'll be able to use the pattern for her into toddlerhood, just something to be aware of.


  1. I love the bottom picture!
    Quick, put the little ballerina on her feet! She's in First position - with a fairly respectable turn-out!

  2. Every time I read your blog, I learn something new, or come up with a new question--which makes reading it FUN.

    Answered: RTW, from a previous post = ready to wear
    Question: "ease stitch around the curve" on the gingham pants? (See, I am revealing to you how little I know.) Ease . . . have heard it, but don't know what it is.

  3. Ease stitching is where you use a long, loose stitch to gather the edge of a curve to ease it into a smaller thing, in this case into a hem. You also do it on a set in sleeve to ease the sleeve into the armscye.

  4. oh, I'm a category?! Lucky tike having the mom with the skills and the great eye for fabric.

  5. Specifically:

    Ease stitching is the same process as gathering, but the ratio and visual results are different.
    1)Ease stitching is LESS than 1.5:1, whereas gathering is greater than 1.5:1.
    2)the gathers created in ease stitching NEVER shows in the final seam, while gathers do show.

    FYI: the classic Chanel sleeve is never ease-stitched into the armscye -- they use hundreds of tiny silk pins, dividing the sleeve cap into halves, then quarters, then eighths, then sixteenths -- ad infinitum, ad nauseum.
    Of course, Mlle had peons who did all that pinning . . .

  6. I know you'd explain it better than I, Mom. Also, note to self, NEVER work for Chanel.

  7. Found your blog through pattern review. You have a cute little baby, and your sewing is great!