Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Summer Swimwear Tour! The Call Ajaire Classic Maillot - Ariel style

Last week, we took our summer vacation. Of course, Myra needed a new swimsuit, and I happened across this AMAZING fabric at Blue Moon.
Obviously, this mermaid fabric needed the perfect pattern! I started tracing an Ottobre that was just ok, but then I got an email from Ajaire asking if I would participate in the Summer Swimwear Tour, and there it was - the perfect Ariel pattern!! I've been so busy that I haven't participated in a pattern tour in a while, but this was a must. Not only is the Classic Maillot exactly what I needed, but all the patterns in the tour are pretty awesome, and I know I'll use them all, not only for Myra but also for me.
But we're here to chat about the Classic Maillot! The pattern is a pdf - I know, who wants to tape those together, but for a kids' swimsuit, assembly really isn't that big a deal, and Ajaire makes it as easy as possible with good assembly markings and a grid that allows you to only print the pieces you need for the view you are making.
For the Ariel look, I combined the front of view D, with the back of view B. That gave me a tank style suit with ruching at the bustline (for the shells) and green scales just below the bustline (for the tail). Combining the two views was pretty easy, as the pattern pieces are clearly marked, indicating which piece to use for which view, and the instructions are divided into sections by view as well.
Fit-wise, Myra measures as a perfect size 7, but I did find the straps were significantly too long for her and the chest is too wide, as you can see in this pic. Since the construction order allows for strap alterations, I was able to shorten those (2 3/4 inches), but there wasn't anything to do for the chest width. I think shortening the elastic in the next one will fix that problem.
The fit from the rear is fantastic though, even keeping her bum covered when she takes a step. Myra has a pretty ample backside - poor child inherited my narrow chest and ghetto booty - so rear coverage is always a challenge in a swimsuit. This one wins and the back neckline has a nice scoop shape, but the straps stay in place.
Myra played hard all week in her suit, and it was great. Although when she initially put it on, she wasn't happy with the neckline gaping, while she was at the water park she had no troubles or wardrobe malfunctions, and by the end of the first day she was as much in love with her suit as I am.
In fact, my little mermaid got rather a lot of attention for her suit. Several teenage girls who were themselves sporting mermaid tails told Myra how much they loved her suit. It made her day, and mine too! Teenagers are so picky!
I hope you enjoyed my little corner of the Summer Swimwear Tour! Be sure to check out all the other bloggers in the tour and the wonderful swimwear they made! There are two other amazing patterns, so be sure you don't miss them! And scroll down for sales from the Tour sponsors as well as a great Giveaway!!

Join in on the Summer Swimwear Tour fun by using the hashtag #sewswimtour to share your favorite swimwear makes.  And don't forget to enter to win these fabulous prizes from our other sponsors!

Prizes include:
- 1 pattern The Classic Maillot pattern by Designs by Call Ajaire
- 1 pattern The Swim and Surf Shorts by Gracious Threads
- 1 pattern Just Keep Swimming by The Wolf and the Tree
- 1 pattern of choice (excludes bundles) by Pienkel
- 1 pattern of choice by AimerLae & Finn
- 1 pattern of choice by Rachel Rossi Design
- Free Jellyfish Swim Cap pattern via Sew by Pattern Pieces Group
- 1 pattern of choice by Dandelions n Dungarees
- 1 pattern of choice by E + M patterns
- 5 patterns of choice by George & Ginger
- $30 gift certificate by The Fabric Fairy
- 1 pattern of choice by Sunday Girl Designs
- 1 pattern of choice by 5 out of 4 Patterns
That's 17 patterns + $30 in fabric!!
Enter the giveaway below:
During the tour Designs by Call Ajaire is offering 20% off all patterns in the Etsy shop using the code SWIMTOUR, Gracious Threads is offering 15% off the purchase of 3 or more patterns in her shop (no coupon needed), and The Wolf and the Tree is offering 15% off patterns in her shop using the code SWIMTOUR as well.  So take a few minutes to visit Call Ajaire, Gracious Threads, and The Wolf and the Tree and of course the rest of the lovely blogs we have on the tour:


Ajaire said...

Yes!! Mermaid swimsuits was definitely the inspiration for this design so I'm thrilled you made this version! Thanks so much for being on the tour.

Justine said...

This is darling Katie! Looks like your little girl is the same age as mine! gigi would totally love this suit. I figured out a fix for the gaping if you decide to make it again. I drew a new foldline 1/2 inch over form the original fold and redrew it blending with the bottom. That removed the extra 1 inch that is in there.

Emily said...

This is the cutest!!!!!

Karly said...

This swimsuit is just perfect! My girls are totally flipping out over it!

Kat said...

That back picture and that splash picture are E V E R Y T H I N G!!!! I love it sooooooo much!!!! Your photos came out so great!