Thursday, August 23, 2012

Vogue 8759, part deux

After my last attempt at Vogue 8759, I wasn't sure if I wanted to carry on with the pattern in the next size up, or try something different. Since the next size up would have required a pattern purchase, I decided to just try adding a bit more room, since Mitch really liked the way that the neckline and sleeves fit.
And it was a win!! You know he likes it if he lets me take pictures of him in it. The fabric is osnaburg, which is a somewhat coarse fabric woven from cotton, linen or flax. In this case it is cotton. I really enjoyed sewing it, as it pressed well and has a nice give which makes it easy to ease. It did have a tendency to fray, so seam finishing is essential.  I serged mine, even within the yoke, since I didn't want any fraying in there.
Here's a shot where you can actually see how it fits. The last attempt had a bit of a sausage casing effect, which was not particularly flattering. It was also a bit snug in the shoulder and restricted movement there. I added 1/2 inch through the shoulder, which widened the shoulder line, giving his more ease for movement there, as well as a total of 2 inches in circumference. It wasn't a big change but it was just enough.
I also moved the yoke seam forward on the shoulder. This is just a personal preference of mine, but it turns out to be practical as well. Mitch tells me that a seam right on the shoulder digs in when he wears his backpack. This way, with the lined yoke, he has a bit of extra padding there, as well as no unruly seam.
Here is the back. There are a few wrinkles back there, but Mitch says it is comfortable, so I'm not going to stress over them. I'm happy to have worked out the fit on this! Now I can whip out some nice shirts for my honey.


Lori said...

Great looking shirt, always is such a good feeling when the recipient likes it!

CGCouture said...

Nice, it looks like you nailed it! Personally, I love sewing for my husband, he's so much easier to fit! ;-)

Victoria said...

Nice shirt!!!! Looks store bought! You've encouraged me to give sewing for my Hubby a try:)

Aminat said...

Great job on the fit. Love the fabric choice

Joy said...

Beautiful shirt. The fit looks excellent. And yay for the backpack adjustment, hehe!