Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ottobre 03/2011-11

Duncan has decided that diapers are fun to remove, and elastic waist pants and shorts present no challenges to the little nudist, so we've been dressing him in overalls and rompers, which gave me a good reason to sew this one.
The pattern is #11 from the 03/2011 issue. It's another one that I wanted to make as soon as I saw it. 
I did make a few changes to the design. I really dislike back closures on baby and toddler clothes, and the original design had a back zipper. Instead, I switched the neckline with a envelope style (from the Happy Animals tee, #12 from the same issue) so that I could just pull it over his head. I also omitted the interfacing in the waistband panels, since I needed those to stretch over his shoulders. I cut the back waistband and tee on the fold.
The fabrics I used were all given to me, so this is pretty much a free garment! Even the button was left over from another project. The tee is a printed interlock from Joann that my mother had left over from a project for my nephew, and the denim colored knit as well as the ribbing used for the binding were given to me by a friend when she de-stashed.
So, laugh now. Y'all, I seriously thought all those snaps were blue!! I need better light in the sewing room. Once those suckers are in, there is no getting them out, so Duncan has a mismatched snap. 
How cute is that kid?? I did make them a little bit long. If his rompers are too short, he reaches his little hand up there and sneaks his diaper out the pant leg, and then I don't notice until I find the diaper. Or a puddle. These have elastic on the back leg to snug them up, and with the extra length we'll have to see if he can manage his trick. Little stinker.


Cindy said...

That is the cutest romper on Duncan!

Tanit-Isis said...

Adorable! K, good lluck with the nudist. I don't think my kids ever wore clothes at that age... (on the other hand it was helpful for bare-bum potty training....)

Sarahbelle said...


{Haven't I said that about other Deshazer, and, maybe, a couple of Jones kids? Still true.}

Don't worry about the snap colors -- nobody's going to be looking at his shorts, one he is flashing his smile!

Brenda in the Boro said...

Oh the joys of nudist boys LOL. Onoe of mine was just the same. These are so nice . Hope he keeps these on.

Elizabeth Made This said...

Too funny. It's amazing how clever they are. There was one day at lunch with my parents that my Dad looks down and there was a diaper just sitting on Sam's seat--because he just wiggled himself out too. I will file your solution in my mind for the day that Sam figures out actually taking them off because I know it'll happen before he's actually potty trained.

gwensews said...

Adorable romper. I love kids at that age. So fun!

The F Girl said...

That romper is adorable. And about those snaps: I think I saw several high prized brand clothes with design features like this one. So I think you are just being very trendy with that snap ;-)


Sam Rose said...

That is a cute and handy solution. No one's going to notice the snap.

Marjie said...

What a cute little guy! If anyone is doing the laundry for you, they'll notice the snap and might have permission to question it. But I've never heard of anyone just showing up to do laundry for a house full of little kids, so I doubt anyone will ever notice it.