Friday, August 27, 2010

What next?

I wish I had something cute to show you, but I don't.  I haven't hit my machine for a week.  I'm ready to cut out my black silk to make pants, but I think I'm afraid of it.  I have no excuse!  I've made these pants twice and wear both versions constantly, so the pattern has been well tested.  It's just more expensive fabric than I'm used to.  I don't want to mess it up!!  In the meantime, I did sew a bunch (like 16) Lightning McQueen beanbags for Logan's upcoming 4th birthday party.
Watch out for those lentils.  They break needles.

While I get over my fear, I have been blog surfing and I ran across this post by Myrna that really resonated with me.  (Actually, a LOT of what Myrna writes really resonates with me.  Have you been by her blog??)  I have a ton of gorgeous patterns and fabulous fabric that keep getting pushed to the back of the queue as I sew, and I really want some of those garments in my wardrobe, and not in my sewing closet.  So, I am going to commit to my own self-imposed sewing club.  I've pulled 12 patterns that I already have fabric for and have been really wanting to sew, but haven't for some reason or another.  I'm bagging them up, and each month (starting in September) I'll pull one out and sew it.  At the rate I've been going, that may be the only thing I sew that month, but I really want to sew these things and get them out of my stash!!  I also reserve the right to a sabbatical around the time that baby is born.  Newborns seem to slow down my sewing...

So what do I have in the queue?  I decided to limit to envelope patterns, mostly because I didn't want to sort through my burdas.  I know lazy, but there it is.  Since I also want this to be a bit of a stashbusting venture as well, I am only including projects for which I already have fabric, although I will allow linings or underlinings and notions to be purchased, since I don't tend to stash those.  I sorted through my envelope patterns and chose 12 that I really want to sew, but have been putting off.  Then I hit the stash, and pulled fabrics for each pattern.  In some cases I already had linings as well, which is nice.  Each pattern/fabric combo went into a 2 1/2 gallon zipper bag.  I'll number them and then choose a number at random in order to select the one to be sewn each month.
In the bags: (in no particular order)
Simplicity 2614, made from a printed green and white lawn from FFC
Vogue 8603, made from a lovely brown RPL, with coordinating brown and green floral lining both from Gorgeous fabrics
Vogue 1027, made from a brown ITY, origin forgotten - (Yes, I am totally plagiarizing Elizabeth's gorgeous brown version of this dress!)
Vogue 1050, made from navy and turquoise peachskin from Joann
Colette Ceylon, made from black and white polka dot lawn from FFC
Vogue 1099, made from turquoise cotton pique with a paisley lining both from Hancock
Vogue 8601, made from pink wool from Pendleton Mills, lined with a green shoe print charmeuse from Joann
burda 7738, made from stretch denim from
Vogue 8604, made from black stretch wool from
Vogue 8322, made from a black and white houndstooth print charmeuse from Hancock
Vogue 8543, made from a black and silver suiting from FabricMart, lining TBD
Simplicity 2764, made from a black and white houndstooth wool coating from Hancock with pink acetate lining from Buttons & Bolts

So, what will be first?  I'll let you know September 1st!  Hopefully, with an online commitment, I'll be able to stick closely to my plan.  Help me out and bug me if you see me falling of the wagon, will you??  But first, I must go cut up some silk!


sula said...

I love this idea! I do something similar: I use the giant bags to prepare the next few projects. It helps me satisfy my cravings for what's next when my current WIP starts to drag, and then when I am ready to start something it's ready for me.

Can't wait to see how it works out for you! That's a great list.

amber said...

That is a great idea. I'm excited to see your monthly creations. :)

But Katie! If I, as a total beginner, can hack into $20/yd silk twill for a gown, you should have no problem cutting into the good stuff for those pants. :P I really hope you're at your table as I type this cutting them out. After two "muslins" that are really lovely, you more than deserve a fancy version. :)

Heather said...

I think this is such a great idea! I'm having complete sewers block right now. I really need new tops but I don't know where I want to start. I did get the new Ottobre Woman today and there are a couple of things I really like in there. I may just go with a TNT pattern so I don't get disappointed if it doesn't fit right! I love your plan and need to do something similar!

Big in Japan said...

Game theory approach to sewing, excellent!

Beth said...

That's exactly my question. What next? Great solution.

Sam Rose said...

Brillant idea!

Michelle said...

What a fantastic idea! I may have to follow along in this, I really need to be better about sticking to my plans! Things just end up at the bottom of the box!

Myrna said...

YES YES - have fun Katie

Reethi said...

Great idea! Is it ok if I copy it? I actually keep meaning to sew a coordinating wardrobe, and I think I'll try to find those fabrics and patterns, and then work on those, once a month. Sure, my wardrobe will take forever to finish, but eventually, it'll be done...

KID, MD said...

Reethi - Yes!! Actually I'd love to have a few folks doing it together. We can help encourage each other as our spirits flag. I'd love it if you joined in!

Mary Nanna said...

I read this post and Myrna's with great interest. It's funny the things that inspire or kill sewing enthusiasm. For me, a project has "energy" - I have to be interested in exploring the pattern and fabric otherwise I just cannot make myself sit down to my machine.

At the moment I am really interested in working intuitively with the fabric, asking the fabric how it wants to be made up, figuratively speaking of course - I don't have actual conversations!

Since fabric and pattern matching is the bottom line for success, I've been thinking that starting with the pattern for me is the wrong place.

I await with interest how your plan works out - sabbatical included - in the first year of my son's life I sewed 2 garments!

I'm sure you'll do better than that, but 3 children will not let those hands be idle for too long..