Friday, October 21, 2016

Jalie Eleonore, with sparkles

Well, the inevitable fall weather has finally hit us here in Eastern Tennessee, and fortunately I had an outfit all ready for Myra! She's been agitating for a pair of jeans "but fancy like yours, not from the store" for a while. And really, how can I refuse a request like that?!
Of course, the fancy part of her descriptor meant she wanted embroidery and sparkles. As you wish.
Myra prefers her jeans with a slim leg, so I went with the Jalie Eleonore pull on jeans. The pattern is great and given that the pants don't have zipper or buttons, they're a quick sew. Which is a good thing, as my sewing time has been pretty sporadic lately.
I made the same alteration for Myra that I did for myself. In the interest of booty coverage, I raised the back waist 3/4 of an inch (by increasing the height of the yoke at CB). I also shortened the elastic piece in the back waistband and stretched it as I basted it in. This pulls in the back waistband to cover Myra's backside.
For the embroidery on the front, I did a flourish with stars. I used a new-to-me applique technique that uses Glitter Flake heat transfer vinyl in the place of fabric. The big benefit of this method is that the HTV doesn't have to be cut away during the applique process - it rips away! Super fast and easy! And glitter-tastic, so Myra is definitely a fan!
The back pockets are embellished with purple unicorns, tiny glitter stars and swooshes. I used the rip-away applique method again here and it was amazing. I'd never have been able to applique those tiny stars with fabric. The trimming would have been too tedious.
As a finishing touch, I embellished a RTW sweatshirt with a dark purple glitter flake unicorn, to coordinate with her back pocket design. She was pretty thrilled with her new outfit, and declared that I am the best mom ever. So that was a win all around.


  1. What a fun outfit! My inner 7 year old is infinitely jealous.

  2. Wow! You really outdid yourself!!

  3. Well, nothing's better than being the best mom ever. Purple jeans are the best for a little girl, and glitter on your sweatshirt? She's in a school full of jealous girls for sure!

  4. These are too stinkin' cute! I love the embroidery. So would you recommend this pattern to someone with a backside? I don't have hips, I just have butt, LOL. And also, where do you find appropriate fabric? It seems like it would have to be VERY stretchy??

  5. She's definitely the sparkly one! ;)

  6. That is exactly Myra's proportions! She's all booty! With the shortened elastic in the back waist, I would definitely recommend them. They're a great fit over her ample backside. I got this particular stretch twill at I have found that fabrics with 5% or greater spandex content have worked well for this pattern. I wish more fabric vendors would publish the stretch percentage, but often fiber content is all we have to go on. The 5% has worked well for me so far.

  7. Mine too! I wonder if I could get away with sparkling unicorn butt jeans...