Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Ottobre 03/2011-31

Of course, after her baptism, her white dress was all wet, so she needed another one. I found this amazing cherry blossom lace at fabric.com, and I knew it was the one.
Since I wanted the lace to be the star, I went with a simple style. This is a combination of patterns from the 03-2011 issue of Ottobre. This basic dress is done three different ways, so I went with the lined dress, full shirt and straight (non-puffed) sleeve. I also added quite a bit of length - 5 inches, I think. Myra likes her dresses long.
The skirt is nice and full - perfect for twirling. The underlining fabric is duchesse satin in a slightly paler pink than the lace. It makes the lace really pop. The dress is lined in hang free polyester lining, with some ruffles added to the hem for fullness.
It closes in back with an invisible zipper, which I'm pretty happy with. It's been a while since I've put on in, and it behaved on the first try. Whew! Picking it out of that lace would have hurt.
Since the lace had a lovely scalloped edge, I used it for the sleeves and hem. You can see the lace a little better in this pic. It really is so pretty and dainty. Just perfect for a girl's dress.
Even though she is a big, grown up 8-year old, her dresses still need to be play friendly, and this one passes with flying colors. It felt really nice to get back into something a little more complicated. I've struggled lately to tackle complex projects since my sewing time has been so erratic, but finishing this lined, underlined lace dress has really reminded me how much love to bite into a big project. Next up - jeans.

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  1. Love that sweet, girly dress! It's one that she can wear for a few years, hopefully, as she looks like the slim type that will grow up more than out for a couple more years and since you added a nice length that will help. It's simply gorgeous on her and nicely age-appropriate.