Monday, July 11, 2016

Avengers Assemble: Phase 2

Well, the boys got their hero shirts, and I was going to make one for Mitch next, but I was still not happy with my pattern choices for him, so while I was considering those options, I decided to go ahead with mine.
Again, I used the combination of black Laguna jersey and printed Marvel jersey, both from The bindings are also the Laguna jersey, although this wasn't an ideal choice. The recovery is great, but it was a bit curly and thin, so getting it through the coverstitch binder was a bit of a hassle.
The pattern is from the 02/2015 issue of Ottobre Woman. It's a pattern I've been meaning to try, and the shoulder yokes were perfect for the little splash of Avengers jersey. It's otherwise a very basic cap sleeve tee with bound, scoop neckline. The armholes are also bound.
As far as sizing goes, I made a straight 38, with the exception of lengthening the shoulder line out to a size 42 for a longer sleeve. Since the style isn't otherwise particularly fitted, I didn't make any other adjustments. I could have added a dart, but I dislike darts in jersey, so I'll live with the armpit fold. That's hard to get rid of in a kimono sleeve anyway.
Cool points if you recognize the reference of my decal! If you don't, feel free to watch it here - but there's NSFW language!
Y'all see Cap there on my shoulder? He's watching my language...


  1. This is pretty adorable Katie -- Great job! I love the poses too! I just went to a costume party as Nurse Ratched and very much enjoyed it.

  2. Ha! I got the reference immediately. Very cute.